Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

When I was younger and starting to truly enjoy video games for what they were, pure puzzle games were extremely rare. Most of the time, if there was a puzzle it would of been some kind of mini game within an adventure game. But, thanks to the rise of both mobile gaming and downloadable arcade games, a new class of casual gamers, plus indie games having a better opportunity to show there works on both console and PC, puzzle games have started to return. So what makes Chuck’s Challenge different from other games in this genre, compared to mobile titles like angry birds and handheld titles like the Professor Layton series?

So what is Chuck’s Challenge 3D? Well its a pure puzzle game, that has you take control of a weird purple creature called Chuck, as you make your way through puzzles of moving blocks to the right places, pressing certain buttons and collecting things, that will let you advance to the next level. Easily noticeable as a casual game, but then you can say that for most pure puzzle games that are out during this modern times.

CC3D 13 - Create Blank

But this game is not just for casual gamers, like great puzzle games, this game can easily attract many gaming groups. Starting with casual gamers first, it is simple to start playing and you can just pick it up at any point in the game. Also, just like a previously said puzzle game of the Avery variety, you can also return to other levels that you have played before, plus if you do get stuck on a level, you will be given the opportunity to skip ahead to the next level, if the game sees that you are struggling, something that most puzzle games do need, yet seem to forget to place in the game.

Now for the more hardcore of gamers, this game can get quite challenging, as there were many moments that I had to sit back and wonder where I was going wrong. This is something a good game does well, it didn’t make me mad at the game but at myself of why I could not figure out where I was going wrong. Plus being a game that didn’t really demand the player to constantly play through every level, I could always come back to it at a later time. Plus the game has many puzzles, 125 at least created by the developers, plus a weekly challenge for those who get through the main collection. Then there is the user generated puzzles, yep they let users develop there own puzzles for others to play. Also one final thing that might attract the valve fans out there, the game also includes hats in it, my Chuck is wearing a top hat at the moment.

It is hard to say anything bad about this game, if there was anything, the game can get a little bit repetitive in its graphics, with not much changing to something simple like the background apart from changing to a different colour, it can get a bit bland after a while, but then again this game seems like it isn’t really meant to be played over extensive amounts of time. This is where my second, minor problem comes in, now I don’t know if this game has plans to come out on other mobile phones, other then androids, or handheld devices in the near future (preferable handheld due to how the game controls), but as a game that seems quite casual, something I would put in the same category as most other mobile games. This game would be better played when you have a spare few minutes on your way to work, or during a lunch break, a time where most of us who do game, spend playing on a handheld, mobile device. But then again, its picking on very little things that the game could aim for in the future, because they haven’t done it now, doesn’t mean that they are not aiming to make this improvement or target in the future.


If your a fan of the occasional puzzle game, like most of us are, then try this game out. The only downside at the moment is that it is not available on all handheld and mobile devices. A game like this would be better for handheld devices, but then, being on steam does give the game more opportunity to grow, not only with developer generated content, but with user created content too, with both it’s puzzle creation tool, and, if they allow the use of steams workshop, user mods that can bring a whole new world of opportunities to Chuck’s Challenge 3D.


Chuck’s Challenge 3D is available from Steam on Friday 28th February, just click here for it’s steam page. Also <a href="http://www.chuckschallen


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