King’s Road Impression

ProSiebenSat.1 Media are known here in the UK for the distribution of many free to play games, from Planetside 2 to the European distribution of the PS4/ PS3 title, DC Universe Online. Well there is now another title to add to that list, that has just come out this year in Europe. King’s Road is an action role-playing game set in a medieval-fantasy time. you take on the role of knight, archer, or wizard, and embark on a journey across the kingdom of Alderstone to reclaim their land from the monstrous creatures that threaten it. With over 1 million monthly users already playing across the rest of the world, let’s go and take a deeper look into what the King’s Road has to offer.

First of all is how you play the game, when first looking at the screenshots and going to the game’s website, I thought it was going to be another game that would take a few hours to download before you even have to play it, even prepared for a long update. But there was no need to worry, as this game is browser-based, using the latest version of Adobe’s Flash 11 Stage3D technology, the game streams directly from the game’s website, no download needed and no long update at the beginning. Also this means you can play the game on any computer, as long as it supports Flash, all you need is your email address and your password to play.

Now to the gameplay, well it isn’t hard to say it is familiar to a known Blizzard game of the same genre of gaming, as said at the beginning you can choose from 3 class types, an Archer, your ranged class, Knight, your tank/ melee type, and Wizard, your magic type. Cannot choose which class to play as? want to play as a different class instead? Don’t worry you are able to change to other classes before any mission, also your classes level up as you play them, so if you play as a knight from the beginning and level them up to 11, you can switch to the archer and start fresh at level 1. Also the controls are easy, you click using the mouse to where you want your character to go, click who or what you want your character to attack, be it an enemy, a barrel or the innocent chicken that just caught your eye. You also have special attacks, that you activate by either clicking the corresponding number key or by simply clicking the image of what attack you want to use from the display HUD on the bottom of the screen.

The game isn’t just getting through the story, there is also the bounty board, which places you in a specific area and sets you a number of tasks to complete, from killing a set amount of creatures, to rescuing damsels in distress. Also, if you have a few friends you want to play with, you can band together with parties of 3 adventurers, to take on greater challenges and earn better rewards in both Bounties and quests in the story. There are bounties that are available to be played using the currency in-game that you collect from fighting monsters and breaking things. Then there is bounties that are only available by using bounty tokens, these are (what I have seen so far) acquired by completing other bounties, or by getting them from specific lockboxes. Lockboxes are items you acquire from either defeating bosses or are given as rewards for completing a bounty or task. Lockboxes are items that give the player a random item from a specific list of items. From high level weapons, armors or charms, to coins, bounty tokens and the third currency in-game, diamonds.

Now the game is a free to play, and like most free to play games there is a type of currency that can be brought using real money, King’s road is diamonds and though they are mentioned quite often in the game, used for reusing lockboxes, opening specific chests found in-game, filling forging spots and buying certain items in the shop, the game can be played without using them, just like most free to play games, they are used to help speed up the game, also throughout the game you are given diamonds for completing quests, so usually you can use them as when you think you deserve a treat.

So how can I best describe King’s road, well simply put if you enjoy action rpg games like Diablo 3, then you will enjoy this game. If you want to try a game like Diablo 3, but don’t want to buy Diablo 3, then play King’s Road. Never played Diablo 3? then try King’s Road, it’s free to play, there is nothing to download, and it is ran through the cloud on the game’s website. So if your interested, click on the link bellow, the game is in beta at the moment so don’t be surprised if there is more to come, also Rumble Entertainment, the company behind King’s Road are currently working on a tablet version of the game, which will bring cross-platform play.

just click here –


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