Need For Speed: Most Wanted review

There’s nothing better than having a drive to relax you, certain people say. Yet if you live in the city of Fairhaven, that might not be such a good idea. Need For Speed is back, with the guys who gave us the Burnout Series creating the latest title in this long racing series. But do we have another epic racing game, or is it just Burnout Paradise with some branding thrown in?

Well the answer is yes and no, when driving around the streets of Fairhaven, you seem to have a ‘déjà vu’ moment in certain areas, but that seems to pass by when you focus less on the beauty around you and more on what you are actually doing. Now with racing games it is very difficult to make the gameplay any different, in the end the main reason people buy and play racing games is to race. But Need for Speed seems to gives us more than just racing. For example, some events have you trying to escape from the cops as fast as you can.

Also it’s not like the events are the only things to do in game, there are billboards to smash, security gates to go through and speed cameras to go by as fast as you can, but why do these things, well that’s where Autolog 2 comes in, if any of your friends have done better then you, in anything, you will be ‘recommended’ to beat them. But what’s the prize in all this, well let’s say you smash through a billboard and you top the leader board for that jump, your pretty picture will be plastered on that billboard, not only in your game, but in all your friends games until someone else beats you.

So how does it play, well it plays pretty much like Paradise, except for a few differences, like having to go to specific vehicles with the manufactures’ logo hovering above it, to get most of the cars available in game. Also you need to complete certain events to get the most out of each vehicle, this can be certain tires or nitro for the car, but then you can improve each part by doing certain tasks in that vehicle, for example, you can get a longer nitro boost if you empty your nitro bar so many times without crashing.

There are a few things that did seem a little too much, mainly the police in the game. Police pursuits can happen at any time, be it in an event or as you have a nice drive around the beautiful environment of Fairhaven, but these can get really annoying to shake off especially when you are trying to take out another car, or trying to complete a certain task in game. But then it is the easiest way to get Speed Points.

Speed Points can be earned in many ways, this can be from completing and winning certain events in single and multiplayer, pursuits like I not long said or even by doing tasks or even beating your friends high score, these are used to push you higher up the Most wanted list, the higher you are, more of the 10 most wanted show up, for you to race and then takedown.

Now to the multiplayer, for this we are given a list of challenges to do, either as a group, or against each other. This can be from something as simple as a race to something or as odd as a challenge to park on a wing of a certain disused plane. But you would think this is quite limited, well not when you can create a list of challenges for you and your friends to try. But what if none of your friends have Need of Speed: Most Wanted yet, well then there is public play, where it is the same as playing with your friends, but with other people you don’t know. Also another tool in multiplayer that looks very interesting is the friends recommended page, this gives you a list of other players from your friends’ friends list that are or have the game as well, making this game in my opinion as one of the best social games out here at this time.


So if you are looking for a game that, not only will you enjoy, but your friends and family will too. Then Need for Speed: Most Wanted is going to be one of the best for this holiday season. Even if your new to gaming or a fanatic of anything digital on 4 wheels.


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