Poker Night 2 Review



Seems like it is time for another poker Night at the Inventory, this time bringing us 4 new players to the table from the world of TV, Games and Movies. We have Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. TV series; Ash Williams from the Army of Darkness movies; Sam from Sam and Max, with Max hanging around in the background; then there is the quirky, yet annoyingly adorable, Claptrap from the Borderlands series. But don’t worry these are not the only well-known characters in this game, we have Mad Moxxi working the bar and a special dealer for this version of Poker Night, from the Portal series, GLaDOS.

The game has 2 different games you can play, Texas hold ’em and Omaha, but then it’s not the game modes that attracts people to this game but the entertaining conversations the players, GLaDOS and other supporting characters have throughout the games, my favourite being the interaction of Claptrap flirting with GLaDOS. the bad point is after so long, conversations do start to repeat themselves, but then after playing for so long you would expect something like this to happen.

The game does have a few extra good points, mainly if you have Borderlands 2. Just like the first Poker Night, you can have the opportunities to win Bounty items from your opponents, if you complete certain tasks then win a tournament, but these items are not just rewards you get for in the game, but they have some special rewards, for example, if you have the xbox 360 version (the version this review is based on), you get not only an item for your Borderlands 2 character, but a special Avatar item aswell. But then you have to complete the 3 randomly selected goals first which can range from something as easy as coming in 4th or better in a tournament, to winning a showdown with 2 or more characters. This idea would have been a bit better if there was an option to let you randomise the goals again, especially when your stuck on a certain goal.

This takes me to the Inventory coins, that can be won by playing tournaments, if you win you get 100 of them, and if you don’t but are not first to go you get 20, first to go and you get 10. These can be used to unlock new card styles, chip styles and felt styles; all based on the 5 different series each of the characters are from, Borderlands, Sam and Max, Venture Bros., Army of Darkness and Portal. If you use all 3 styles from the same series, not only does the styles of the cards, chips and table change; but so does the theme of the room your playing in. This also brings a special animation for the first player to bust out, that matches the theme of the room, for example, the borderlands room has ‘Steve’, Claptrap’s Minion, shooting the eliminated player with a rocket that produces confetti. The coins can also be used to buy drinks for the other players, this is supposed to make it easier for you to read there ‘poker faces’, but i have not noticed the difference myself.

This is a fun game to play, and it does make you feel like your just playing a game of poker with some friends. There is a few problems, like the difficult goals and the conversations sometimes repeating. But for 800 MS points, it is worth it, not only for the items you can win for your borderlands character and avatar, but for the funny animations and conversation that each character has between them, also calling you the silent player does make you feel more involved.




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