The Bridge Review

Many people have seen M.C. Escher’s work of impossible constructions, from Relativity (the drawing of lots of staircases going in different directions) to the waterfall drawing. So what would happen if you get a game developer and a bunch of Escher’s drawings and put them together. Well you get the game The Bridge, from Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. A puzzle game that has you find ways to advance through different art pieces by using the right and left triggers to rotate the world and move your unnamed character through a door that sometimes needs a key or a pressure plate pressed to be unlocked. So is this game worth solving?

Well first of all the game is beautiful, with everything seeming like it has been hand drawn, the whole game from the title to the simple things like the apple that falls from a tree. The game design fits very well with the theme since all the puzzles are designed around sketches. But one design idea that stood out the most was what happened when your character was killed, your character left a blurred image of himself, the blurred image is a great way to give reference to where you made the mistake, but it also looks like what you get from rubbing out a pencil mistake on a piece of paper.

The puzzles themselves are sort of entertaining, some are easier than others with moments that had me sat there for a while wondering what I was supposed to do. With 24 puzzles to play, also the introduction later in the game of vortexes, objects that react on a different gravitational plain then what your character is on, giant balls that kill you once you touch them, then once you had completed all 24 puzzles, the option to play the puzzles again at a higher difficulty (labeled the mirrored levels). there is plenty to do in the game.

Now the gameplay is very simple, like it was mentioned earlier, the main buttons are the left and right triggers that control the rotation of the world and the left stick to move your character and the A button to interact with objects that you can interact with, like the exit door, the B button to reverse time if you made a mistake…and that’s it… the game is simple to pick up and play, then again that is what you want from a puzzle game, something simple to pick up and play, plus it is sort of fun, if something goes wrong, I don’t blame the game, I blame myself for not looking at the puzzle right.


The game is fun, beautifully designed, simple to play. A little bit pricey though with it being around £7 on both the xbox marketplace and usually on steam. Though at the moment you can get it on steam for only £2.09 (as of 28th November, 2013). Another thing is I think this game would work well on mobile devices and on the psvita, since for something so simple to play it is suitable for a casual market. Either way the game is good.



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