Welcome to Crave Your Game

Hello Fellow Cravers, GD here to welcome you to the newest addition to the Crave The Game Family. Now many of you have noticed threads and certain members talking about Crave Your Game, well here it is, a news site/blog for the community, by the community. Here we will gather the latest news in gaming and entertainment, place reviews and articles to do with gaming and entertainment from me and other Cravers.

Also this will be the home for the revamped new weekly show that will take over from the former Eur Week In Gaming, called The Update, a weekly show that will try the keep you updated (see what I did there) with the top news stories of the week, the UK top 5 games of the week and new releases of the week too. Also the show will list off any events and game nights at CTG coming up that week.

So if you are interested in doing a game night and want it included in the up coming game nights section of The Update, then simply just go to the ‘Arrange a game’ thread in the CTG forums, create a thread with the time, date and console you will be playing on added to the title. Also add it to the calendar, as that is where I will be getting the game night list from. The update will talk about game nights Tuesday to Monday, so if your planning to do a game night on a Sunday or Monday and want it mentioned on the Update, make sure its on the calendar a week on sunday as recording will be done on the sunday.

Also if you want to contribute an article to Crave Your Game, you can find out how and all the rules by clicking here.

So there you go, Crave Your Game in a nutshell , also if your not a member of Crave the Game click either here or on the CTG in the Bar under the Crave Your Game title. A bunch of great gamers who are looking to have fun in gaming , 18+.


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