Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the Galaxy Note 3, the latest ‘Phablet’ from Samsung. The device was released in the UK in October 2013 and I have had mine since day 1. Having owned the previous Note 2 and Original Note, I knew what to expect in terms of the size and adjusted immediately. The device doesn’t actually feel that large but I put that down to owning the predecessors. although the device is bigger it actually weighs a whole 14.5g lighter than the Note 2, coming in at 168g  and its luxuriously slim 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm shell. Not to mention the beautiful crystal clear 5.7″ Super AMOLED touch screen. The colours are sharp, crisp and truly eye-catching. The device at present comes in a few colours – Black, White, Gold and at some retailers, Pink. (I have the white).
Being classed as a phablet, it does everything that a phone needs to do plus much more but it also has its special features that make it feel like a tablet too! Stylus, large screen making gaming, internet browsing and social networking that much easier.
For you gadget geeks like me, I love the true customization and vast amount of apps on android. This device has recently been updated to Android’s 4.4 KitKat operating system and has the wonderful marketplace to spend hours and hours browsing apps, games and other things to tailor your device to your every need. Samsung also have their own Samsung apps, pre-installed on the phone, but in all honesty, I rarely use it, I have the marketplace, that’s enough for me. Having said that its worth checking once in a while as you can get some good bargains. Alternatively, use the amazon free app of the day. It’s free and would be rude not too!
Since the update Google have tried to make Hangouts the default messaging app, however, I love using GoSMS Pro. I also recommend BBM Messenger and Chat On.
Gone out and forgot your camera? Wondering how you will capture your photos? Have no fear, with the Note 3 13mp camera with led flash and 2mp front facing camera you have all the photographic needs to capture those moments whilst your out and about on your ventures!

The same goes for the video capabilities, I personally have never really ventured into video Capturing on my phone but this is a great feature Note 3 has full 1080p hd recording and playback as well as 4k video capture!
So how does this beast run??? Incredibly smooth and very quick, which isn’t surprising, considering its using a 2.3ghz quad core processor! Switching from screen to screen is effortless, smooth and makes using this phone quick and convenient.
Battery life I hear you say? This holds a Standard battery, Li-ion 3200mah. The day I got it I was setting it up, using it constantly and the battery lasted a couple of days. Since then the battery life has decreased slightly but I bought the official Samsung spare battery and charger so that I never have to run out of power!
Anything I don’t like about the phone? No, in all honesty, nothing that i could say I dislike, however, if you are looking for a small compact phone that will fit comfortably in your pocket this may not be the phone for you, or if, in fact, you are conscious about image then holding this to your ear may not be the phone for you!
I would recommend getting a cover though, I am pretty clumsy and the chances of me dropping my phone is pretty high, so I just rather have a bit more protection. I use a gel case that doesn’t add a great deal of thickness but covers all the necessary parts.
I just love it, it may be too large for some, and may take a little while to get used to the size of it, but I am really enjoying using this phone, the fact I can use a stylus to doodle when I’m bored or just when I feel like it,  I have standard 32gb memory and I have a 32gb lexor memory card rating 10 that I use so in total 64gb to fill up with apps, music and games to my heart’s content.
This phone is something else and I love having the best of both, to me this is part phone and part tablet and Samsung have done a great job taking modern technology to the next level. Although… I Imagine we will see a new Note in the pipeline.. only time will tell!



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