Daylight delayed and a little news about the last area

Daylight, Zombie Studios’ procedurally generated horror game that lets Twitch viewers spook players, will be released April 29 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, publisher Atlus announced today.

Originally scheduled to be released April 8, the game will launch three weeks later on PS4 for $11.99 or $9.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the first two weeks. Daylight is also available for pre-order on Steam for $9.99, where those who pre-purchase it will also receive the soundtrack. After the first 2 weeks, Daylight will increase to $14.99 on all platforms.


Also Zombie Studios spoke a bit about the last area in the game.

“The last area to talk about in Daylight is the craziest one of all,” the publisher wrote. “Clearing the forest area gives way to … the hospital? But there’s something different about it. The halls are no longer decrepit; there’s no trash, no graffiti, no empty beds in the halls. The hospital looks new. It looks brand new. Like … when it was first built. What the hell is going on here? You’ll have to find out for yourself …”

Well till then here is the second trailer to Daylight named, ‘Somebody’s Watching’


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