Get Even Launches Greenlight Campaign and announces VR integration

The Farm 51, the independent video game developer behind the release of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, today announced the launch of a Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming Get Even title, that aims to be out on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Giving detail of it’s plans to integrate VR devices.

‘The global reaction to Get Even’s January announcement  was a welcome surprise for us. Now, as part of the new Greenlight campaign, it is time to share more details,’ commented Wojtek Pazdur, Lead Designer and CEO of The Farm 51. ‘In The Farm 51 we think of a video game world as an alternate reality, not that of an interactive movie. The exciting opportunities offered by Virtual Reality and developments in that sector offer a huge benefit to a game aimed to be as immersive as ours. Get Even has the potential to support the VR concept like no other title. This is why we want to be a part of this new revolution and is why Get Even can be a landmark title in its use.’

The Farm 51 team has integrated VR devices into the astonishingly detailed 3D worlds it has created in Get Even, to drop the player into a truly immersive landscape. In keeping with the game’s central concept of blurring the lines between multi-player and solo missions, it uses Virtual Reality concepts to further break new ground. What would happen if you can travel between different Virtual Realities, starting outside the game using a device like Oculus VR™ or Project Morpheus™ before going deeper and deeper inside the game using similar in-game gadgets?

‘VR systems are a melody of a truly next-gen experience. We expect that consumer versions of VR devices will start revolutionizing the gaming market in 2015,’ added Pazdur.  ‘We are now working hard to implement VR devices into our gameplay. It is a great adventure for our team to mix VR experience with the highly realistic 3D scanning technology we use in Get Even. I’m so excited when I think where it may take us and what are the possibilities in such combination.’


To visit our Greenlight website and pledge support click here

Also here is a ‘Making of’ video from The Farm 51


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