Spearhead Games to demo Project Cyber at PAX East

Spearhead Games, the team behind the Playstation 4’s co-op puzzler Tiny Brains, will demo their next project at PAX East this upcoming weekend, they announced.

The next Project, named Project Cyber, is a co-op physics-based football (not American) game that heavily draws from eSports, and will be playable in the Unreal Engine Epic Booth #1147. Spearhead will host the game’s first tournament during this time, in which players can test out the three-on-three competitive game for themselves.

Spearhead has been open about development on Project Cyber, dedicating eight hours most work days to streaming production live on Twitch. To date, more than 50,000 players have received Steam keys for the title and Spearhead has been tweaking development based on their feedback, according to developers.

“Through Project Cyber, we’re exploring the concept of e-sport spectators being able to affect the player experience like in a real live sport,” Spearhead Games co-founder Malik Boukhira said in a press statement. “At PAX we’ll be showing off new dynamic in-game events that, eventually, live-streaming viewers will be able to trigger with their votes! The possibilities for this technology are endless, and we’ll be soliciting more thoughts about it at the Unreal Engine Epic booth.”

PAX East will take place this weekend April 11-13 in Boston, Mass. at the Boston Convention Center.

Not sure what Project Cyber is what the trailer bellow.


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