Cajr87’s Top 10 Racing Games

(GD speaking here)The Racing genre is one of a few game genres that have grown better year after year, so for Game he is giving you his top 10 racing games. Now this is Cajr’s opinion, some of you may agree or not agree so tell us what you think in the thread in the link at the bottom of the article.


I first played this on the PlayStation. The gameplay was solid but what puts it in my top 10 is the track editor. Being able to create my own track was a completely new concept. The hours I spent creating my own tracks, some were very simplistic such as building a course that was just a series of jumps in a straight line. Others were more complex with tight corners, numerous elevation changes and countless U-turns.


although this was remade recently, I prefer the original on PlayStation 2. I used to love driving around being chased by the police, seeing how long that I could last. Usually my run from the law ended quickly and abruptly with a set of stingers and a roadblock. I never really bothered with the story because I enjoyed the chases so much


I came late to this gem of a game. I had bypassed it when it was originally released but came to it when I was looking for a new racer to play. I had had enough of the simulation racers and wanted something with more of an arcade feel. I bought Blur and I really enjoyed it. I did some of the single player but I soon delved into the murky world of online multiplayer. I’ve never been any good at racing online, I can usually be found at the rear of the group being lapped. What I liked about Blur was the power ups. Even though I was near the back, I was able to influence the leaders with mines, bolts or shocks. Every racer could be involved with most racers meaning no-one was left racing alone for too long.

split second

this was my favourite racer for a while due to its unique approach to the racing genre on consoles. The use of the environment was brilliant to me. I first came across the game when I saw a video of it online somewhere and I knew it was one for me. Then came the demo. It was on an airport level and I must have played it over 100 times. Using trigger events to sometimes completely change parts of the course was brilliant. The main trigger event on the airport demo was to crash a plane which changed the track to take it along the runway. A truly great game that allowed nobody to run away with victory, unless you were incredibly lucky.


My first simulator on this list. I got this game at a time when I wasn’t interested in racers and this brought me back to the genre. I spent many hours racing and acquiring new cars. The number of races available meant I never really got bored until I something else got my attention and racing no longer interested me.


this makes my list for one thing and one thing only, Crash events! I had never played the first two instalments of the franchise but I was introduced to this one Christmas. The general gameplay was good but it was all about getting to the next crash event. As soon as I had unlocked one, I usually played it until I felt I had got all the points that I could get. I spent hours ploughing into intersections, hitting different areas of contact to see the differing results. I was saddened when they stopped making them but hopefully they will make a return one day.


this was a game that even today I could play to death. The career was fairly short, the graphics weren’t the best but it was great nevertheless. I remember one lap race in particular. Shortly after the start, there was a section that closed up to one car length wide and I used to put my car in the gap sideways meaning a pile up soon followed. It eventually meant that I couldn’t finish the race myself as I couldn’t make it through the mass of cars. Too many racing game that have destruction usually have you respawn with a new healed car, whereas this didn’t making it a case of protecting your car at times just so you could finish the race. That’s one feature I really like.


my very first racer. I got this game with my PlayStation one for Christmas in ’98. My favourite course was Edinburgh due to the huge jumps near the end of the track but, after unlocking a few of the faster cars, I used to love jumping from top to bottom in one go. While most of the game was serious in respect that it used real cars and locations, some of the unlockables were much sillier such as the course that had you racing though a house as if you were the size of a child’s toy car. The cars could be equally silly such as the pitbull special that was stupidly fast but fell over when trying to turn at high speeds.


this game holds a special place in my game library. I played it abit when it was first released but soon put it to one side. I was brought back to it one day when two people on my friends list were playing it in early 2013. We did a few races then I was introduced to the demolition derby race and I was hooked. At one point I was playing it nearly every Sunday. I loved the unpredictability of the demolition derby, the random bounces, the slightest tap on a wall that could end your race and, sometimes infuriatingly, the people going backwards trying to take everyone out. The fact that once you suffered terminal damage, you were out of the race added to the fun. I still play it to this day and have persuaded a few of my gaming friends to buy it too and they also really enjoy it.


my number one. To those that know me, this might be a surprise as they probably expected Grid to take my top spot. GT2 was the only game I played in a six month period one year. I loved it for the large number of vehicles and large number of races. I favourite was the 100 miles endurance race on the Seattle circuit using the Vauxhall tigra race car. The car was well below the maximum bhp for the race but was the best car I found for this race. I have played some later Gran Turismo games but none of them have caught my attention like GT2 did and that’s why it is my number one.

There are other games that could have made the list. Later instalments of Gran Turismo or Forza could be among them. The endless amount of Need For Speed games has meant none has grabbed my attention in recent years. This list is based on games that I’ve personally played so some great racers that maybe should be on the list, aren’t on the list.

So do you agree with Cajr? Let your opinions be known in the link bellow



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