Star Citizen reaches $42M on Kickstarter, gives you towels

Are you interested in the Space combat game Star Citizen, but not backed it yet? Well there is still time even though it has reached $42 million in crowd funding, Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts announced in his latest blog post.

Because of this latest milestone being reached, their has been  several new goals unlocked, which include an updated observist guide, an explorer-class mobiGlas rig for those who backed the game before it hit $42 million, an additional “Gladius” fighter vehicle, and finally, a towel, an in-game towel.


Preliminary art for these in-game towels is shown above. Like the mobiGlas rig, these will only be available to those who backed the game prior to hitting this funding level.

For the eventual $44 million goal mark, backers can expect a Hangar room system which was previously voted for by users. The Hangar is currently being developed, while those who back the project before it hits $44 million will receive a number of items for their Hangar, including 3D holographic cartography.


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