Daily Mail childishly blames games for stabbing

So today I came across an article on Kotaku, talking about an article on the daily Mail website, about a stabbing of a school teacher by a student in Leeds, UK. Now honestly, being a games site we don’t usually talk about this kind of serious subject but still its more to the fact of what the backwards style of a dying media company is saying is the cause of why the student did this. As always they find any excuse to blame a child’s mental breakdown to be caused by video games.

In the article, which I personally feel sickened to share to you all, but if you want to check it out click here. They ‘point out’ that he played and posted about Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto, also that he wore a t-shirt of the highly internet famous, Achievement Hunter. So what I get from this is either one of two things. Either the Daily Mail thinks that most 15 year old boys are mentally unstable because they like these kind of things. Or that the Daily Mail, one of the UK’s biggest news sources, is out of touch with the younger generations.


The article also does explain that the schoolboy did threaten to commit suicide after reporting to be bullied and that he was suffering from bouts of depression, but what upsets me the most is the fact that again, because some child who seems to be mentally unstable, they will blame gaming. Now I know plenty of people who have played games for most of their lives, even before they turned 15, they played games that were not aimed for them and, though I don’t fully agree that parents should buy video games for their children that are certified for adults, they have played games rated for 18 year olds, even before they were 15, including myself.

Video games are not the cause of children killing other people, it might be a trigger but it is not the main cause. No one can put the blame on one physical property and then tarnish an industry that has done so much more good for a lot of people then it has done bad. Personally if anything is to blame it’s other children finding new ways to bully each other, news outlets that find an easy target to blame when personally it would be better for them to just keep quiet.

My thoughts are out for the Teacher’s family in this very tough time and I hope that the schoolboy gets the medical help he needs, because what I have read on the article is he is mentally unstable. Also to the Daily Mail, who, yet again blames gaming for another unstable child, stop blaming a popular industry because you think it will be more interesting, because a person has caused a crime and plays video games doesn’t mean that games are to fault, if you want to go down that route remember to blame other areas too, like social networking, music, books, youtube, tv, celebrities (both A list and bellow), but most of all blame news itself, because I know as a media industry you guys always seem to follow a simple motto,

“Bad News Sells”



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