Daylight Review

Over the past few years, the horror game genre has evolved with titles like the Resident Evil series, that has made the genre as big as it is today. But with the blockbuster titles becoming more action then survival horror lately, the independent part of the games industry has taken horror to a new level with titles that place you in your usual horror environments, like a forest at night or a run down mental institute, but unlike the blockbuster counterparts, you are usually weaponless, at most your equipment include a camera or torch as a light source that has limited power.


So with the new indie side of horror becoming even bigger, it’s time to dive in to the latest edition to this series. Daylight a game developed by Zombie studio, a independent team of between 8 – 15 people,  centres around a woman named Sarah who regains consciousness in an abandoned hospital with mysterious voice telling her to find the secrets of the abandoned hospital. With a cell phone, which is her map and primary light source, she must explore the haunted hospital in order to escape.


So like other indie horror games of late, your going to be wandering around slowly, in a few dark corridors knowing that your being followed by something that is going to scare you, or that something is going to scare you around the next corner. Well it’s true there is a few surprise scares in Daylight, either with an alarm setting off, or the ghost that’s following you ending up behind you, so that when you turn around it screams right in your face.

But after a few of these surprise scares, they do seem to get a bit old and, though sometimes it shocks you, which you expect the unexpected to do, it does become more annoying then scary as you advance in the game.


Talking about how the game plays itself, the game is quite simple to play, you have to collect at least 6 pieces of paper or notes from around the area of the hospital your in, to summon an object that has some significant meaning to the area your in, be it a teddy bear or a bible.

You then take that item to a door locked by some sort of magical barrier that will then break the magical barrier so you can enter the next area of the game. But, as you find more of the pieces of paper that summon the significant object to open the door with the barrier, the more at risk Sarah is of being captured and possessed by the ghostly figures that are after her.

Now you would think that once you know where to find the pieces of paper or notes in the game it would be easy right? Well it would be if it wasn’t the fact the games layout changes every time you play through the game, making that every play through a unique experience. Each play through only takes a few hours to complete, but, fore the perfectionists out there, to collect all the background story items, you have to play the game multiple times.

There is more then just the mobile to aid you in the game, you have the glowsticks, that lets you see any hidden secrets or what can be open in the game. There is also the flare, this lets you keep ghost away or if a ghost is right in front of you, burn them out of existence. This does make the game a slight different experience compared to Outlast and Slender, but with how easy it is to get these items in the game, it takes away some of the challenge of the game.


Also Daylight, just like Dead Nation on the PS4, has a way for viewers who are watching someone playing Daylight on Twitch, to interact with the streamed game. Unlike Dead Nation, that let viewers effect the game physically by either making the game easier or harder for the player.

Daylight only lets viewers effect the game by producing a sound of screaming or footsteps, at most static that effects the mobile phone your holding, the usual signs of when your being followed by a ghostly figure. Now if you want to experience the best of twitch’s effect on the game, I recommend you to hide the chat box. This is because you can easily tell if your being messed around by one of your viewers, who will leave the easily recognizable words to activate the effect in the game.


The game is good for people looking for something to stream. But if your looking for a game to scare you or someone, there is a lot better games out there. The scares are great for the first time you see it, but once you know what to look out for you can prepare for anything to jump out at you, by lighting a flare before you turn around. Plus with the amount of flares you find in the game, its doesn’t make you want to use the flares sparingly.


Daylight is available now on PS4 for £10.25 (£8.20 for PS+) or on Steam for £11.99.


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