DriveClub to challenge rage quitting

One thing I have first hand experience in knowing is that the racing  genre is particularly likely to cause rage-quitting, which is one reason why DriveClub developer Evolution Studios is implementing a challenge system in the game, according to the PlayStation Blog.

DriveClub‘s challenges are littered all over the game’s race tracks, and they award Fame, a measure of progression, to players who complete them. Challenges include setting the highest-ever speed on a section of track, going for the longest drift and holding a racing line through a turn. But if you quit a race before it’s over, you’ll lose all the Fame you’ve earned, which also means that your Club — groups in which friends team up to race together — won’t make any progress. In other words, the more your rage quit, the longer and more time consuming it is for your club to gather more fame.

Evolution hopes that giving players these smaller goals to strive for, along with the corresponding in-game rewards, will encourage them to see a race through to the end even if they’re stuck in last place.

“In so many racing games there’s that ‘all or nothing’ mentality. One moment you’re in first place, and then suddenly you crash and you’ve lost everything. The preceding few minutes of superb driving count for nothing,” said Paul Rustchynsky, DriveClub‘s game director, in an interview with the PlayStation Blog. “With DriveClub, if you’re racing online and you make a mistake it’s not game over. You don’t lose everything and you’ve still got dynamic face-offs to keep playing for.”

DriveClub will be available Oct. 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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