Freaking Meatbags First Impressions

Ever wondered what it would be like if the world was taken over by your laptop? Maybe not your laptop, but a highly intelligent race of computers from outer space? No? Oh well, if you did Freaking Meatbags maybe something close to it. You take control of a computer who is late to work one day and as punishment is set the task, a task you have no choice but to accept because that’s what you were built for, to harvest precious metal on planets which will soon explode.

Now being a computer, your not equipped to do any mining. Luckily for you, the first world you land on has some local wildlife called humans, who are (sort of) willing to do your bidding. Unfortunately for you, they’re undisciplined, stupid and lazy.

Also your humans are weak and at night you have to defend them from wild robots who are attracted to the energy coming from your base. But don’t be to downhearted as you can use the minerals your humans have collected to create turrets and other machines to help defend your meatbags and base from the wild machines.

Your humans getting a bit too lazy? don’t worry, as you get further into the game you will meet other species to help modify your meatbags, that, thanks to the help of a dna modifier, can help your humans be a bit more efficient, giving your ‘humans’ new abilities like lasers coming from there eyes.


So what is Freaking Meatbags? Of what I have played so far, its bit tower defense with some worlds telling you to last a number of waves of wild robots, pointing out which direction they are coming from. Then you have worlds that have you looking around the area your in and mining a certain amount of a certain mineral. So simply put its farming with a bit of tower defense on the side.


Graphically, it seems simple, but in a good way. You have that retro pixelated graphics that a lot of indie games have seem to make as there own. Also colour wise, you can easily tell what is what in minerals and where you can place you machinery. The only issue I have at the moment is that, though you can tell the difference between each species, once you modify your humans with another species, they tend to just look similar to the human design, which because the humans are quite small in the game, its hard to tell your orignials from your modified.


Either way the game is fun and can be picked up quite easily. With the game going into early access last month, it is easy to say that it is one of the most stable early access titles I have played so far and hopefully when the game has it full release, we will get to do a full review of this title. Till then if you want to play the game you can pick it up on Steam for



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