5 Games missing from E3 2014

As we were expecting from this years E3, due to promises from Microsoft, it was the year that was mainly about the games coming out for those shiny new next gen consoles  and oh we were given a ton of games, both AAA and indie, to look forward too in the next year or 2 to look forward to, but it couldn’t be helped that there were still a few disappointed faces hoping to see certain titles announced, so that is why we are here to look at 5 of those titles that I, GD, was hoping to hear some information about this year.


Okay, so this was going to be a bit of a longshot since over the past few months all we have been hearing from Bethesda about Fallout 4 is the same ‘No Comment’ we get from other companies that are working on something, that a rumor usually has gotten right. Also, knowing how Bethesda works, they will announce Fallout 4 when they are ready to, even if it is out of the blue. Plus looking at what games were announced from Bethesda this year, like the new Free-to-play game, Battlecry, that is coming next year, also the new horror game The Evil Within which comes out 24th October 2014, we will have plenty of Bethesda to keep us entertained in the next year.


Here is another title that we were warned before E3 was not going to show up at the Expo. Square Enix usually are not fans of E3 since, well it’s an American specific Expo, so it is no real surprise that we were not going to see anything this year at E3, yet there was still a little hope we might, oh well, lucky for us Japan’s equivalent to there own E3 is coming this September in the form of the Tokyo Game Show, where we are expecting at least some news from Square Enix of this Disney/ Final Fantasy mash up.


Just like Kingdom Hearts, we were told that Final Fantasy 15 was going to be a no show at E3 too. So here is to Tokyo Game Show where we hope Square Enix will not let us down on this ‘Once was Final Fantasy Versus  XIII, now changed to 15 because we can’.  Plus with news coming out that this title will be delayed till after March 31st, 2015, makes me in particular want this title more. Oh well at least we will receive Final Fantasy Type – 0 on PS4 and Xbox One soon. Oh and a mobile game set in the same universe called Final Fantasy Agito.


Right, I know we know it is coming this August, but being part of a community who hosts game nights that are based on Minecraft’s console editions, it can get really annoying when you don’t even know when in August it will be coming out. What’s that? We got some Minecraft information at E3? Let’s see… okay now they are just being a tease, showing information on a new Killer Instinct skinpack that comes out soon. I just want a date, is that so hard to ask for?


Back in 2009, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian was announced during Sony’s E3 press conference, with the game being in development since 2007. Well 5 years has gone by and we have still not received The Last Guardian or any clue of when it is supposed to be coming out, with many rumors that the game will now be coming out to PlayStation 4. So being a Sony Exclusive we were hoping to see something about how the game was going during Sony’s Press conference and yet we were disappointed, leading to many questioning if the game had been cancelled.

Luckily, with thanks to Eurogamer, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida commented saying, “There were a difficult couple of days before the show – I’m sure you noticed. I’m so happy it was retracted before the show happened.” Talking about IGN’s retracted story on about The Last Guardian rumored to being cancelled.

“It’s the same message!” he added, stressing that The Last Guardian remains in full development at Sony.

 “Lots of people tweeted me they were heartbroken by that news [prior to the show]. People are going through this roller coaster of emotions, and it’s our fault for not releasing the game, yet.

We owe a lot to those people, but we really don’t want to release piecemeal information until we can say this is The Last Guardian – so we ask you to wait.”

So there you go, hopefully we will get some information soon on how The Last Guardian is doing and that it doesn’t turn out like how the last Duke Nukem ended up being.

Was there any games that I missed out on? If so leave your comments in the CTG forum thread by clicking on the link here


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