Le Tour De France 2014 season review

Every year for the past 100 years, cyclists from around the world gather to tour around France to compete for the famous yellow Jersey. Le Tour de France is so big now a days that the tournament doesn’t even start in France with this year starting in Yorkshire, UK. So being close to where it starts, it’s the perfect opportunity to look at the official game of the tournament developed by Cyanide, a France based developer who has been developing cycling games since 2001, so is this game king of the mountain, or have they ended up being at the back of the pack?

Being someone who does not follow the Tour de France, only knowing how well someone is doing through sports media, this game will not be for you. With the use of terms that seem foreign to non-followers of the sport, like reconnaissance. Plus the length of time you will be spending doing nothing but riding a bike, the game will get boring extremely fast.


But then it shouldn’t be that bad if you are actually learning how the sport is played right? Well unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything really teaching you about cycling, it does teach you about how to play the game which is fine if you have some knowledge of the sport, but it does limit the target audience extremely.

Then again how does the game look? Well… There is nice hills I guess, now there is not much detail you can put in a game that is staged a lot in rural areas, but it could of been nice to see other things then just hills, maybe some farm animals, especially when your going to be spending most of an hour in this environment. But then it’s all about the cyclists, the cyclist that look the same with the only difference being the colour of their teams jerseys.


If you are a fan of cycling and follow events like the Tour de France, then you will like this game, you have all 21 stages from the tour to play through, plus there’s a local multiplayer option and the addition of new Pro Team Mode that allows players to compete in several seasons. Do well and your reputation grows and you attract the attention of better riders from other teams. Along with glory, rankings bring financial rewards that can be used to invest in building the ultimate team. Simply put, it’s like the manager career mode from other top sports games.


So if you like cycling you will enjoy this, apart from a few problems that can be quite noticeable like the lack of polish of the graphics and the fact that if you hit someone or something, you seem unaffected by it, which takes a lot away from any realism. Unfortunately though you cannot hide the point that this game is for a very niche market, those who love cycling but cannot be able or bothered to take up cycling themselves.



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