Twitch Bans Third Party Audio In Saved Videos

Yesterday, twitch posted a link to their blog on twitter about third party audio in saved videos. They opened it with the following:

“Starting today, Twitch will be implementing technology intended to help broadcasters avoid the storage of videos containing unauthorized third-party audio. We respect the rights of copyright owners, and are voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners.”

The post goes on to say that this only affects saved videos and live streams aren’t going to be affected. Twitch have teamed up with Audible Magic who work closely with the music industry. Videos will be scanned in thirty minute blocks and if any unauthorized audio is found, the entire thirty minute block is muted.

The most worrying part of the post was that it says that not only is ambient audio scanned but also in game music. Does this mean that songs that appear in popular sports games, for example, may have entire blocks muted even though they had just played the game.

I understand that there are those that use unauthorized music heavily in their stream or videos, and those people should be rightly punished but there are also going to be cases of people who inadvertently expose their videos to unauthorized music, should they be harshly punished?

Only time will tell how all this will affect twitch, if it does at all?


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