Table Top Racing (Vita) Review

Racing games come in many different shapes and sizes, from the beautifully designed and accurate simulators like the Gran Turismo series, to the simple to pick up and play style made famous by the Mario Kart series. But as gaming culture has evolved, so has the racing genre, moving on from simple lapped or point-to-point racing, to more modes like elimination by last to cross the finish line or simply destroying there opponents with weaponry, head to head racing, drifting and and so on. But it is nice to see when a game wakes up those nostalgic memories, and Table Top Racing is one of those games.

So how does table top Racing do that, you may ask. Simply put the game has a strong resemblance to an old series of miniature car racing games called ‘Micro Machines’, a series that first appeared on the NES and ended nearly 20 years ago. But unlike the Micro Machine series, there are a few differences , first of all the game is in 3D and angled so your behind the car your controlling, which is nice but a birds eye view would of been great too, secondly you have a lot more to do with elimination modes, races that only allow certain power ups to be used, and so on. Plus you have the option to upgrade your car, which again, is common to modern day racing, ok let’s move away from comparing to Micro Machines.

Table Top Racing PS Vita screenshot (3)

So how does the game control, well it’s simple to play, you move left and right on the d pad to make the vehicle turn left and right, X button to accelerate , square to brake, right bumper to use power up or use the touch screen, recommend the right bumper though. Only one problem, and that is how you look behind you, to do this you have to touch the back of your Vita, which is annoying, ecspecially for those who have big hands, there was times when I was winning a race and I accidentally touch the back of the vita that causes me to fly off the track out of shock and confusion, now this didn’t happen once or twice but a few times, if you are going to give a player the ability to look behind them use the right analog stick, something that is harder to accidentally touch then a buttonless touch pad on the back of where your viewing the game.

Table Top Racing PS Vita screenshot (5)

Another issue is that you only start with so many vehicles, you can unlock more by completing tasks like winning certain races, but then there is certain races that you can only race with specific vehicles that you you need to unlock, now for a game that seems very pick up and play style, last thing that is needed is having a lot of the game locked behind a required level or the fact you need a certain vehicle you haven’t unlocked yet.

Catalyst Vita PDEL-1001

But still these tiny issues don’t take away what this game is set out to bring, and that is that the game is fun, okay so it isn’t something that will make you sit down and play it in a long session like other more famous racing games, but unlike a lot of games, it has that attraction that will have you coming back to it to play a quick race on a journey, or to kill time. Plus for £6 it’s worth it.



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