Metro Redux Review

The trend of HD re-releases has hit again. This time it’s the post apocalyptic survival shooter series Metro. The original 2033 and it’s sequel, Last Light, have been given the next gen treatment.

For those who missed Metro first time round, it’s a survival shooter set in Post apocalyptic Russia. Monsters roam the land and the railway tunnels between stations. Humans live in the stations in harsh conditions. It’s based the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

With 2033 being several years old now, it’s easy to see the graphical upgrade. The environments are clearly sharper but the game itself feels like its in an odd place. There are now two modes, survival and spartan, to choose from. In survival mode, bullets and health are much more scarce to give you the sense that every shot has to count. In spartan mode, it becomes a more of a conventional shooter with more ammo to be found.
The problem I found is that, to me, it needed to lean one way or the other about what it was supposed to be. To me, it didn’t feel like a true survival horror or a shooter. After a few hours playing it, I was still waiting to figure out this question.

I understand that there will be people who love the game for their own reasons but, for me, it’s not a game I’m going to rush out for.

Now, Last Light is the second of the two games re-released as part of the redux. Last Light emphasizes more on the shooter aspects rather than its survival. I found this a much more enjoyable game to play.
This game felt like it had a clearly defined identity as a shooter with there not being as much emphasis on other genres. Graphically, I didn’t expect much of a big upgrade as there was in 2033 as Last Light only came out in 2013.

Overall, both are good games. Last Light is my favorite of the two but neither are games I would rush out to buy but are games I would definately consider a future purchase. Being new to the franchise, I don’t really know what know what has been added to the gameplay to entice existing fans to buy the game apart from its graphical upgrade. There’s not much in the way of exploration and, unless your going to try both modes, there’s no real incentive to complete the game again once you’ve finished it.

My score: 7/10 – excellent scenery, solid combat but lacks replayability


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