The Update for the week ending 14th September

Hello Fellow Cravers. It’s time to get updated on the weeks news, UK charts and game releases this week.

3) Next Gen Grand Theft Auto V coming November, PC January 2015

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 18 and to Windows PC on Jan 27, Rockstar announced this week.

The new versions of the game will include visual and technical upgrades, increased draw distances and higher resolution, according to the release, along with a host of other additions. Those additions include new weapons, new vehicles, new activities, new wildlife, denser traffic, a new foliage system, enhanced damage and weather effects. The updated game will also feature enhanced radio stations with more than 100 new songs and new DJ mixes.

Updates coming to Grand Theft Auto Online for the new version includes an increased player count with online play for up to 30 players on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Existing players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be able to transfer their current GTA Online characters and progression to their choice of PS4, Xbox One, or Windows PC, according to the press release.

All players who pre-order the game will receive a million dollars in in-game cash, $500,000 to spend in Grand Theft Auto 5 and $500,000 for Grand Theft Auto Online.

As a bonus, players who already own the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version of the game will also receive some bonus content, Rockstar announced in a separate post.

Those bonuses include “rare versions of classic vehicles to collect from across the Grand Theft Auto series such as the Dukes, the Dodo Seaplane and a faster, more maneuverable Blimp; activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges, new weapons and more.”

To be eligible for the bonus content, players must have completed the prologue in Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS3 or Xbox 360 while connected to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. A Rockstar Games Social Club account and a current PSN or Xbox Live account will also be required to unlock the content.

2) Resident Evil Revelations 2 to be split into 4 episodes

The episodic gaming model appears to fallen out of favor with practically every company that isn’t Telltale, but Capcom is giving it a shot with an upcoming entry in one of their biggest franchises. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (a sequel to the 3DS original) will be delivered in four weekly chunks when it arrives on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 and PC early next year.

Weekly episodes will run you $5.99 per episode, but you can pre-purchase all four for $24.99, The pre-purchase is more expensive because you receive additional content. If you want to wait for a disc, Capcom will sell you one after the series concludes for $40 with some as-yet-undisclosed bonus.

Revelations 2 picks up between Resident Evil 5 and 6 with the story of Claire Redfield, who’s now working with an anti-bioterrorism force called Terra Save with Moira Burton (yep, she’s Barry’s daughter). The pair are stolen away to a mysterious island and … well, you know. Evil happens. We’ve got the first trailer bellow if you want a better idea of what you’ll be getting into.

1) Mortal Kombat X has a release date and a preorder bonus

Microsoft today announced the purchase of Mojang, the Swedish-based development studio behind massive hit Minecraft.

Confirmation of the $2.5 billion deal comes a week after rumors hit that the two companies were in talks over an acquisition. In a press release, Microsoft officials said they expect the acquisition to be “break-even” in Fiscal Year 2015, which ends June 30, 2015, on a GAAP basis. The deal is expected to close by the end of 2014.

“Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs and consoles to tablets and mobile, with billions of hours spent each year,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “Minecraft is more than a great game franchise – it is an open world platform, driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about, and rich with new opportunities for that community and for Microsoft.”

Microsoft promises to respect the brand and independent spirit of the game and carry on the tradition of innovation. The company also confirmed that Minecon will continue next year. Mojang said in a prepared statement that there is “no reason for the development, sales and support” for the other versions of the game to stop.

Shortly after the news was confirmed, Minecraft creator Persson tweeted that he would probably share his personal thoughts soon. He also linked to comments from Mojang.

In explaining why they sold Minecraft and the studio, Mojang’s Owen Hill wrote that the title has grown from a simple game to a “project of monumental significance.”

“As you might already know, Notch is the creator of Minecraft and the majority shareholder at Mojang,” Hill wrote. “He’s decided that he doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a company of such global significance. Over the past few years he’s made attempts to work on smaller projects, but the pressure of owning Minecraft became too much for him to handle. The only option was to sell Mojang. He’ll continue to do cool stuff though. Don’t worry about that.”

The decision to go with Microsoft, he wrote, was driven by their belief that only a handful of potential buyers had the resources to grow Minecraft on a scale that it deserves.

Hill also addressed concerns that this purchase might signal an end to support of Minecraft on non-Microsoft platforms, saying there was no reason for that to stop. But he did add:

“Of course, Microsoft can’t make decisions for other companies or predict the choices that they might make in the future.”

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer wrote that the company plans to continue to “make Minecraft available across platforms — including iOS, Android and PlayStation, in addition to Xbox and PC.”

The purchase also signals a departure of the core staff at Mojang. The studio confirmed today that founders Persson, Carl Manneh, and Jakob Poser will all be leaving the company.

“We don’t know what they’re planning,” Hill wrote. “It won’t be Minecraft-related but it will probably be cool.”

Spencer said that the relationship with the studio began when the two companies started talking about bringing Minecraft to the console.

“Minecraft quickly became the top online game on Xbox Live, with over two billion hours played on Xbox 360 in the last two years. That working relationship set the ground work for other opportunities. We’ve long seen the incredible potential of Minecraft,” he said. “At Microsoft, we believe in the power of content to unite people. Minecraft adds diversity to our game portfolio and helps us reach new gamers across multiple platforms. Gaming is the top activity across devices and we see great potential to continue to grow the Minecraft community and nurture the franchise. That is why we plan to continue to make Minecraft available across platforms — including iOS, Android and PlayStation, in addition to Xbox and PC.”

Minecraft has sold more than 100 million copies of the game on PC alone. The game launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last week. Fans of the world-building sandbox game have used it to educate, for wedding themes, to help with city planning around the world and to create a live opera. The game was officially released in 2011 after a two-year beta.

Spencer said that Mojang’s unique vision, creative energy and innovative mindset will make them a perfect fit with the company’s other global studios.

“Microsoft Studios includes 343 Industries, Turn 10 Studios, and Lionhead Studios just to name a few,” he wrote. “These industry-leading game studios within Microsoft that have had great success with beloved games and massively popular franchises like Halo, Forza, and Fable. We’re excited to welcome Mojang to the Microsoft family and we are thrilled to support the success and longevity of Minecraft for years to come.”


Released on Tuesday 9th September, Activision Blizzard and Bungie’s blockbuster Destiny arrives at No1 as the biggest new IP launch ever. Destiny is only playable online, but this hasn’t stopped it from toppling this year’s previous biggest launch and new IP, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Last week’s No1 The Sims 4 drops to second place ahead of Watch Dogs which despite a 29% boost in sales from retailer promotions also slips one place, down to No3. Activision Blizzard have 2 titles in the Top 5 thanks to Call of Duty: Ghosts gaining two places, up to No4. The Last of Us: Remastered and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition both make way for Destiny, down one place to No’s 5 and 6 respectively. There are two more Top 10 new entries this week with EA’s NHL 15 launching at No7 and Bandai Namco’s PS3/360 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution at No10. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition are both non-movers at No8 and No9. Previous No1s Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil and Metro Redux both fall out of the Top 10, Diablo down from No5 to No13 and Metro down from No3 to No14

Up 2 to No.4:    CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS
Down 1 to No.3:    WATCHDOGS
Down 1 to No.2:    THE SIMS 4
New at No.1:         DESTINY


Destiny (360/PS3/ONE/PS4)

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes (360/PS3/Wii U/XO/PS4/PC)
Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)
Wasteland 2 (PC)
Flockers (XO/PS4/PC)
Fairy Fencer F (PS3)
Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle (3DS)
Pro Rugby Manager 2015 (PC)

So here we are, the Update for week ending 14th September, tune in to the CTG podcast available every Friday, and next Monday for the update.

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