Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Review

There are a few things that resemble the British; our love of football, our many castles, our weather, but more importantly our many legends. One legend in particular has sparked many stories, from modern themed versions of this legend as tv series, both from britian and the US, to movies and where it all started , the many novels of the adventures of the Great Detective and his doctor companion. Of course I am talking about Sherlock Holmes, now it is time for video games to take us on a few stories, but will they be elementary, my dear Cravers, or is it just not worth solving?

First thing we should look at is the evidence of how the game plays, the game is simple with giving clear instructions on what to press and when, which is a good idea for maybe the first case, but it seems that game is holding our hand throughout the whole game, making the game not as challenging as it could be. The only time it does seem challenging is when you have to make a choice of who is the guilty party, giving you a chance to either choose to either absolve or condemn them of their crime.


Plus the game can feel very slow at times with no way of letting you run to another part of the area your looking for evidence in, now I know that they have chosen not to include running to give that sense that you are playing as the gentleman that is Sherlock Holmes, but when your moving from one are to another to just collect a single item to complete a analysis, it can be a pain when it would more likely take you a fraction of the time to get the object.

The game is not all about finding evidence and choosing who did it, there is other things to do in the game like picking locks that has you rotating metal cylinders to join a line together, plus analyzing at certain parts of the case that has you doing many experiments from analyzing hair, to mixing chemicals to uncover a written clue, parts of the game that you had to do to solve the case. Finding an experiment difficult? Well it’s no problem as you do have the option to skip, which seems like it makes the experiments that seem to be important, irrelevant when you can just skip by it.


But then the game is trying to attract the audience with the stories it tells then the actual  gameplay, this is where the game does shine quite brightly, giving us 6 cases to play with, ranging from solving a crime of someone being impaled by a harpoon, to finding out what happened to a vanishing train. Also with the story being split into 6 cases, you can easily come back to the game and pick up and play a case, only being lock until you complete the previous case.

Also the game is beautiful, with great detail on, not only the characters themselves, but the environments too, making the game feel quite dark and moody in some of the brightest places like Kew Gardens, an area that has many exotic plants from around the world. There is a few graphical issues that can be easily ignored, like the facial hair you can place on Holmes as a disguise.


The cases are beautifully written and graphically it is great to watch, but then for a game that is based on a classic series it is expected. The gameplay though could be a bit more challenging with the option of turning on and off hints, plus letting you skip a part of the game that does seem to give any challenge without any consequences, like stopping you from getting a trophy, does seem unnecessary. Not that a skip button is bad, but it would of been better if there was a time or attempt limit on when the skip option was unlocked. So simply put, brilliant story, needs to be a bit more challenging.



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