The Update for week ending 5th October

Hello Fellow Cravers. It’s time to get updated on the weeks news, UK charts and game releases this week.

3) Nintendo introduce Mega Rayquaza

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will introduce a Mega-Evolution for Rayquaza, the third legendary Pokémon in the game’s Hoenn region.

Rayquaza, a dragon-and-flying-type Pokémon, will be able to block moves such as Rain Dance, Sandstorm or Hail in its Mega form and more. For a look at Mega Rayquaza, check out the trailer above.

The Pokémon Company International previously revealed the original and primal forms for legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre, which make up the game’s trio along with Rayquaza.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will launch Nov. 21 for Nintendo 3DS.

2) More Tekken 7 details revealed

The arcade version of Tekken 7 is currently being location tested in Japan, offering a ton of details about what’s coming in the next fighting game from Bandai Namco’s Tekken Team. While the game is still unfinished, location tests are providing plenty of new information about how Tekken 7 will play.

The current roster in Tekken 7’s location test features the following returning fighters: Alisa, Asuka, Bryan, Dragunov, Feng, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Kazuya, King, Lars, Law, Leo, Lili, Paul, Steve and Xiaoyu. Two new characters, Katarina — not Catalina, as previously reported — and Claudio are also playable.

The location test also reveals two new additions to Tekken 7’s fighting mechanics: Rage Arts and Power Crush.

Rage Arts are powerful attacks that become available when a player’s health is low — the fighter and their health bar will glow red when the move is ready. Designed to give a fighter a last ditch attempt at a comeback, Rage Arts are powerful super moves that, should they connect, deliver heavy damage with some cinematic flair. King’s Rage Art, for example, starts with a punch and finishes with a body slam. Kazuya’s strings together a punch and an uppercut, launching his opponent into the air, and ends with his eye laser attack.

Power Crush moves are special attacks that won’t have their animation interrupted if the player is hit mid-move. The player executing a Power Crush move can still take damage during the move’s animation, but their animation will apparently finish.

Visually, Tekken 7 is showing a number of enhancements over Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Some stages have impressive lighting effects and particle effects abound; counter hits are now illustrated by a shower of bright sparks. Some players are reporting framerate drops in the location test, but Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada points out on Twitter that the game’s graphics power performance is only at 60 percent of what the Tekken Team is shooting for. Improvements still to come, Harada said, include character lighting, refined textures and skin shaders.

There’s some small amount of character customization in Tekken 7 currently. Players can outfit fighters like Asuka with a giant hammer and Dragunov with claw hands. Paul can wear an ridiculously high stack of hair and Lili can ramp up her goth style with dark makeup and batwings.

Tekken 7 is slated to hit arcades in Japan sometime next year.

1) EGX Rezzed moved to London in March and Quakecon coming July to Dallas, Texas

Electronic Arts and Maxis are adding new content to The Sims 4 in a series of free patches that will bring features like swimming pools and careers to the life simulation game by the end of the year.

In an update to The Sims 4 that hit this week, EA has added ghosts, gnomes, eye color options and a batch of Star Wars-themed costumes, according to a report from Sims VIP. On the official Sims site, the developer details how ghosts work. When a sim dies, non-player character ghosts become attached to tombstones or urns. Players can then befriend the ghosts, turning them into playable sims.

How the ghost died, whether from laughter, anger, electrocution, fire or other means, determines some of their personality and abilities. Maintaining a happy ghost sim will come with benefits; they’ll help around the house while your living sims focus on their goals.

Swimming pools, a feature that was missing from The Sims 4’s original release (an exclusion that didn’t sit well with fans of the franchise), are due to hit this November. Careers will arrive the following month.


FIFA 15 is imperious at No1 for a second week, despite the arrival of three new games in the Top 5. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor from Warner Bros. charts at No2 with the biggest launch for a game based on The Lord of the Rings. Forza Horizon 2 starts its engines at No3 ahead of 3DS Amiibo-ready Super Smash Bros. one place behind at No4. No1 three weeks ago, Destiny has to settle for No5 this week. The launch of the PS4 version of Minecraft gives Sony’s versions of the ever popular block building title a boost, pushing Minecraft: Playstation Edition up from No9 to No6. Minecraft: Xbox Edition drops from No4 to No8, but will no doubt bounce back with the launch of the Xbox One disc version later in the year. Disney Infinity 2.0 slips from No3 to No7, while Call of Duty: Ghosts and The Sims 4 hang on to a Top 10 position, falling to No’s 9 and 10 respectively. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is not so lucky, dropping out of the Top 10 for the first time, down from No6 to No11.

Down 3 to No.5:     DESTINY
New at No.4:           SUPER SMASH BROS.
New at No.3:     FORZA HORIZON 2
Still at No.1:             FIFA 15


Alien Isolation (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC)
Duck Dynasty (360/PS3/XO/PS4/3DS)

Skylanders: Trap Team (360/PS3/Wii U/XO/PS4/3DS)
Driveclub (PS4)
Project Spark (XO)
NBA 2K15 (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC)
NBA Live 15 (XO/PS4)
Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS3/PSV)
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (XO/PS4/PC)
Ryse: Son Of Rome (PC)

So here we are, the Update for week ending 14th September, tune in to the CTG podcast available every Friday, and next Monday for the update.Also this Friday GD will be streaming on Twitch his Alien: isolation challenge this Friday from 8PM.


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