The Update for a Week ending 12th October

Hello Fellow Cravers. It’s time to get updated on the weeks news, UK charts and game releases this week.

3) Minecraft coming to Vita this month

Minecraft PS Vita Edition will launch digitally in Europe on October 15 for around £15, while the retail version hits stores Nov. 14, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Players with the PlayStation 3 version of the sandbox crafting game can transfer their existing saves to and from the PS Vita edition, and then on to the PS4 edition of the game. The game is also cross-buy for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Players who have Minecraft on either platform can upgrade to the PS4 Edition for £3.99.

A North American release date of Oct. 14 was also announced for the game this week

2) Lohan is still trying to sue Rockstar, now with a 67-page complaint

‘Actress’ Lindsay Lohan continues her lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto 5 makers Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games with a new 67-page complaint against the companies for allegedly using her likeness in the open-world video game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new complaint features 45 pages of pictorial evidence, including one of the game discs that features the image of a blonde, bikini-laden woman. According to the text, the suit emphasizes a “common interest among all celebrities, actors, singers, and athletes … to protect their likeness and personas from misappropriation by unscrupulous merchandisers.”

The filing also alleges that Take-Two Interactive used this female character on merchandise and advertising: “The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain.”

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Lohan’s legal team filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court that alleges Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games based GTA 5 character Lacey Jonas on the actress, who has ‘acted’ in Herbie Fully Loaded and The Canyons.

The developer “incorporated her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, [Lohan’s] clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses” and the jean shorts worn by Lohan without her permission, according to the complaint.

The suit also alleges that the in-game hotel Gentry Manor, based on West Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont, is associated with Lohan, as she formerly resided there.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, players can encounter Lacey Jonas in a mission in which they must escort her to escape the paparazzi. Her in-game dialogue portrays her as a famous Vinewood actress with an eating disorder. You can see what she looks like in the image at the top of the page.

Lawyers for Take Two had previously claimed the lawsuit filed by Lohan was done “for publicity purposes.”

1) Resident Evil TV series coming soon

A televised series based on the Resident Evil film franchise is in the works, Variety reports.

News of the upcoming TV show was confirmed by studio executive Martin Moskowicz, whose German production house Constantin Film is stepping up its production of new TV releases. The company is working on a number of film-to-TV spin-offs, including shows based on the book series The Mortal Instruments and Perfume.

The production company aims to turn the Resident Evil franchise into a televised series following the release of the next feature film.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be the last film release in the long-running franchise. Filming begins in summer of 2015.


FIFA 15 takes a third week at No1 and there are 4 new releases within the Top 10 as we move into peak season. Highest of these new releases at No2 is Sega’s Alien: Isolation currently scaring gamers up and down the country on Microsoft and Sony’s current and old gen formats plus a box release for PC gamers. Warner’s big new release from last week Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor drops one place to No3 as does Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 2 also new last week and down 1 place to No4. The second highest new release is Sony’s PS4 DriveClub debuting at No5 with Activision’s 5 week old Destiny down 1 place to No6. The third new release is a solid start for Activision’s Skylanders Trap Team at No7. Right behind at No8 and completing the Top 10 new releases is 2K Sports/Take 2’s NBA 2K15. The only other new release within the Top 20 just misses out on a Top 10 placing and that is Square-Enix’s Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition debuting at No13.

New at No.5:      DRIVECLUB
Down 1 to No.4:     FORZA HORIZON 2
New at No.2:      ALIEN: ISOLATION
Still at No.1:             FIFA 15


The Evil Within (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC)
Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack (XO)
The Voice: I Want You (Wii/360/PS3/Wii U)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (360/PS3/PC)
F1 2014 (360/PS3/PC)

So here we are, the Update for week ending 14th September, tune in to the CTG podcast available every Friday, and next Monday for the update.Also this Sunday is the Tower of Bling challenge on playstation 4, time for the Halloween challenges to begin.


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