Play Sunset overdrive for free this Saturday

It’s the one year anniversary of Xbox One and to celebrate, Microsoft and Insomniac Games are inviting all Xbox Live Gold members who still haven’t equipped their TnTeddy’s to get an unlimited taste of Sunset Overdrive for 24 hours starting tomorrow, Saturday 22nd Nov.

Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One will get to play Sunset Overdrive for free from 05:01 AM GMT on Saturday 22nd Nov to 05:01 AM GMT on Sunday 23rd Nov. Players can grind across Sunset City and decimate mutants until their hearts are content in the campaign, or join with up to seven players for co-op mayhem in Chaos Squad.

And if you want to see how the pros play Sunset Overdrive, the Insomniac Games All-Star team will throw down on Monday 24th Nov at 6 p.m. GMT and livestream several new weapons that will be available soon. Tune into the Xbox Twitch channel to see all the action.

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