The Update for week ending 4th January 2015

Hello Fellow Cravers. We are back for 2015 with the latest news from the past 2 weeks and the UK gaming charts, so lets get started shall we?

3) Xbox and Playstation get DDoS’d for Christmas, Playstation offers apology gift and someone gets arrested in UK

First thing to say about this story is, we all now know about the DDoS attacks that effected most Xbox and Playstation owners during Christmas, we know that effected Playstation more with it being down 5 days due to who knows what, some say another group attacked Playstation, while others say Playstation had more problems then it seemed.

But this story is to look at the aftermath of the attacks, first thing first is that Sony is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers who were impacted by the PlayStation Network’s downtime this Christmas an extension to their subscriptions, Sony Entertainment Network VP Eric Lempel said on the PlayStation Blog this thursday. The company will also give all PSN users a one-time use 10 percent discount on a PlayStation Store purchase.

The five-day extension to PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be available for members who had an active membership or free trial on Dec. 25, 2014. The extension will be automatically applied.

Sony’s 10 percent discount code will apply to a “total cart purchase” in the PlayStation Store. The discount can be applied to PlayStation Store content including games, add-ons, season passes, television series and movies. SO if your planning to do a huge PS store shopping spree, we advise wait till you get your 10% code.

Even more good news for those angry at the DDoS attackers, as a self-professed member of the Lizard Squad was arrested this Wednesday by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit in England, according to documents obtained by two publications and a Thames Valley Police press release.

The Lizard Squad is a group of DDoSers who since August have made a nuisance of and name for itself by taking down a variety of gaming networks, including Blizzard’s, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Independent investigative journalist Brian Krebs, who covers internet security news on his website Krebs on Security, posted a copy of a police bail document from the Kingston Police Station for 22-year-old Vinnie Omari. In a post, he writes that Omari, who Krebs identified as a member of the group, was arrested by police.

Omari told The Daily Dot that police raided his home Monday and arrested him. He also shared a search warrant with the publication, showing police were looking for any evidence revealing “email addresses, usernames, passwords, documents containing names associated with Paypal fraud.” They were also looking for evidence, according to the warrant, for anything related to the “hacking of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live systems over the Christmas period.”

Omari said police took his Xbox One, phones, laptops, computer USBs, “etc.”

Earlier last week, the Thames Valley Police issued a press release for the arrest saying that the 22-year-old man (who they didn’t identify), was arrested the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offences.

“The arrest yesterday (30/12) is in connection with an ongoing investigation in to cyber fraud offences which took place between 2013 and August 2014 during which victims reported funds being stolen from their PayPal accounts,” according to the release, which doesn’t mention the PlayStation and Xbox investigation.

Both the press release and the document posted by Kreb show that the man was released on bail until March.

According to the bail notice, Omari’s first hearing will be March 10 at 11 a.m. in Surrey.

The Daily Dot reported, citing multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation, that the FBI was actively investigating another member of Lizard Squad. The teen lives in Finland, according to the report. The FBI later confirmed the report.

Plus one more to make you all happy, Finnish website Yle reports that 17-year-old Ryan who many know as the member of Lizard Squad, who was stupid enough to be interviewed on by Sky News, a National news station, was interviewed by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation at the start of last week and then released in connection with an investigation into aggravated data crimes in connection to the cyber attacks.

While the NBI refutes the report, the Washington Post, citing the Lizard Squad, says Ryan was arrested and remains in jail.

While the NBI is working closely with the FBI as part of its investigation, an NBI spokesperson told Yle that since the attack appears to have originated in Finland, the NBI will lead the investigation and proffer potential charges. The NBI said it is in the early stages of its investigation.

If found guilty, Ryan faces four months to four years in prison.

Ryan was questioned after appearing on Sky News to brag about the attack. In that interview, he said the group — which includes members younger than 20 — treated the attack as a sort of game. He also said that three people “essentially” carried out those attacks.

During his questioning, Ryan told investigators that he was just a spokesperson for the group and not directly involved.

2) The Talos Principle punishes pirates by trapping them in an elevator

Croteam, known for the immortal pink scorpion who chased people who pirated Serious Sam 3: BFE back in 2011, are up to their old tricks again, tormenting people who play pirated copies of their new puzzler The Talos Principle.

Someone went into the game’s Steam forum page to complain about what they thought was a bug: the game had trapped them in an elevator shortly after unlocking the second floor of the tower.

“Congratulations, you must be the first one to show to the Internet world what Croteam did this time to punish pirates,” replied someone. “You should be proud of yourself, it will be all over the Internet in about 30 minutes, I’d say.”

Well, it is. Devolver Digital, the publisher of The Talos Principle, tweeted out a screenshot of that conversation, confirming that this is indeed pirate punishment, not a bug.

Now here at Crave Your Game we love a story on how developers have come up with subtle means of aggravating pirates. The Sims 4 will put a pixelated blur on the screen that slowly overtakes everything. And the indie Game Dev Tycoon, in which one plays a game developer, will pirate the virtual creations of pirate players until their studio goes out of business.


Let’s hope we hear of more interesting ways developers trick game pirates into revealing themselves in 2015.

1) Would you play Far Cry with Vampires? Well Ubisoft wants to know

Ubisoft is asking users where they would like to see future Far Cry games take place as part of a questionnaire sent out to a number of Far Cry 4 players, Eurogamer reports.

The recent survey mentions a number of real-world locations including Peru and Alaska, as well as historical settings like the Vietnam War and an Old West-styled 19th century America.

But there are a few stranger possibilities too, like “a Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires,” “a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world” and “a Far Cry game set in the modern day on a Jurassic Park-style island with dinosaurs.” Of course, there’s also mention of Far Cry with zombies, because zombies make a game better.

Franchise developer Ubisoft has experimented with quite a few settings throughout the series. Far Cry 4 saw players dropped off on tropical islands and the Himalayas, while Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon played with a 1980’s styled neon landscape and Far Cry Instincts and Predator pitted users against genetic experiments.


2015 gets underway with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now achieving 6 weeks at No1, one more week than predecessor Ghosts.  Grand Theft Auto V is not far behind at No2, staying ahead of FIFA 15 at No3.  Ubisoft’s top sellers Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Unity stay at No4 and No5 respectively.  Ubisoft also find themselves at No6 with The Crew.  Only 3,000 sales separate No7 from No10 as Destiny at No7 and WWE 2K15 at No8 both manage to break back into the Top 10. DriveClub and Minecraft: Xbox Edition places at No’s 9 and 10.  In a week not known for new releases Nintendo newcomer Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Wii U debuts at No16.

Down 1 to No.5:       ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY
Up 1 to No.4:             FAR CRY 4
Still at No.3:                FIFA 15
Still at No.2:                GRAND THEFT AUTO V
Still at No.1:                CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE


Urm…. yea there is nothing this week so instead we will look at the PS plus games coming out for January and Xbox Games with Gold games.



Infamous: First Light & The Swapper (Cross Buy on Vita, PS4 and PS3)


Prototype 2 & Ducktales: Remastered


Woah Dave! & Duke Nukem 3D Megatron edition (not in Germany)




D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

XBOX 360

MX v ATV: Alive (1st – 15th)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (16th – 31st)


So here we are, the first update of 2015, we are back with the CTG podcast this Friday and another Update on Monday with the news and UK chart of the week.


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