Dying Light digitally delayed on xbox one

As we all know, here in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the retail copy of Dying Light has been but back 4 weeks to February 27th, so it’s no surprise that many have decided to go digital with this game, for one reason that the game was coming out 28th January… Well it seems that that date has also been pushed back too for Xbox One fans, to Friday 30th January.

On Dying Light’s official facebook page, a post 2 hours before the game was due to release was put up, mentioning that xbox one version of the game outside of the Americas will not be coming out on the 28th as previously mentioned. The post says as follows:

We have just been abruptly informed that on Xbox One Dying Light will have a digital release of January 29th in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg and January 30th in Australia and New Zealand, UK and other international markets. All digital PlayStation 4 releases are scheduled for January 28th.

It seems weird that a game would unexpectedly delay themselves even if it is for a few days, more importantly is that this is only effecting xbox one, you can download the game now on both the PC (since 27th January) and PS4. So if this is not Techland’s problem ( basing this on the fact that they had plenty of opportunity to mention the delay earlier this week) , but a xbox one problem, maybe the game is not working up to its full potential and did not pass Microsoft’s testing.

If so this delay is probably a good thing, either way some people are not happy the fact that they have to wait a few days, to a day when games usually come out in there respected countries. Myself, I don’t mind, I prefer the delay if this helps make sure the game works, last thing we want is another Halo issue, where matchmaking was broken.

Also moving on to the fact that ‘everyone is getting the “be the zombie” DLC’ problem. Now those who are getting the Ultimate edition who think they wasted £20, you haven’t, every preordered copy of the game, digital or retail, we’re going to get this DLC for free in the first place, it just now that this preorder bonus is now going to be available for everyone. If you want to be upset about something, be upset that retail copies will be getting what your £20 is worth. So here is your question would you rather wait 4 weeks for a game and save £20, or get the game a month earlier and still spend that £20?

And for those who don’t believe me about the “Be the Zombie” mode, here is an article from IGN September last year reporting on Preorder bonus on Steam for the game.



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