Citizens of Earth Review

There are many games that put you in position of power, be it of a crew of vigilantes, or even the president of America. But what if you were the guy just below the top guy, the Vice President in other words. Well your in luck as Citizens of Earth give you that opportunity, yes you can be among the lines of Al Gore and… Urm… Nick Clegg? My politics isn’t the best. But your not just the Vice President of one country, your the Vice President of the World, that makes you the second most important person on Earth… Well behind his PA I guess… Then Head of Security is highly important… Your up there in the top 10 maybe 20. so is Citizen of Earth worthy of 4 more years, or is it not even worth 4 seconds of your time?

So what is Citizens of Earth? Well like said in the intro, you are the newly elected Vice President of Earth, who, with the help of citizens you can add to your constituents by completing side quest for them, you can save the world from walking stop signs, aliens, computer virus and a coffee shop named ‘Moonbucks’. In other words, this game is a giant spoof on the classic nintendo title Earthbound, but what is great about this is that they do not try and hide it, if anything it feels more like a homage to Earthbound with taking inspiration in the games from the world design to the battle animation to the fact that you can dumpster-dive for items, is lifted straight from the ‘90s cult classic.


But it’s not like they don’t bring there own unique twist on the game, mainly in the games humour, It introduces a catalogue of hilarious characters who poke fun at the best and worst of what humanity has to offer. A plethora of quirky archetypes was available to recruit into my party: the crazy conspiracy nut, a quirky coffee barista , the cheerful German pastry chef, the geeky programmer, and of course the narcissistic Vice President of the World, who seems to be so out the loop of what is happening around him most of the time.


But there is some bad points to the game, mainly the sub quests to hire citizens into your constituency, some of these challenges can be quite easy like helping release the conspiracy guy from jail, then you have other that require you to do some kind of mini rhythm game. Now these sub quests wouldn’t bug me so much if it wasn’t that you need to hire certain citizens to do simple things like change the game difficulty or the game volume, unless you want to go find them somewhere in the game. Plus you cannot start doing certain citizens sub quests unless you speak to them in a specific place even though they are standing right in front of you.


But this doesn’t take away that this game is fun, humorous and does keep you going back for more. The quotes from the Vice President don’t get boring, if anything it portrays the stereotypical roles perfectly, the conspiracy guy is crazy, the Vice President is a moron, the programmer is extremely geeky. Plus each character is unique not only in personality but in combat too, the baker is a great character for healing, plus causing fire effective damage, the mother is good for debuffing the enemy, plus the brother is awesome for those who just want to cause damage.

It’s a good game that may rely on Earthbound a bit to much, but it’s humour does save it from being a sort of decent Earthbound clone. The game can be a bit over the top but it’s nice way to poke fun at stereotypes, plus some good art style and combat.



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