GTA V Good news: Heists has a release date. Bad news: pc version delayed again

Rockstar has announced Grand Theft Auto Online will finally be getting Heists on March 10, but it seems as always where there there is good, bad is sure to follow, this time the bad news is with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, which has been delayed again until April for both retail and digital.

The Heists will add the four-player co-op gameplay we’ve all been waiting for, with Rockstar promising lots more information in the coming weeks.

As for the PC version, Rockstar has acknowledged the long wait gamers have faced and are offering in-game cash to anyone who pre-orders GTA 5 on PC as an apology.

So you finally happy this is coming out, or do you think it’s too little, too late for GTA? Leave your replies bellow.


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