The CTG podcast archive slowly on YouTube

The CTG podcast has reached it’s 30th episode last week, yet a lot of people have asked to be able to hear some of the earlier episodes (we can only have up to 5 episodes available in audio at a time) so this is where we have YouTube to help us. As from last week, episode 1 (not the pilot episode) is now available to be listened to on YouTube, with the other episodes slowly making there way to YouTube over the next month or 2 ( at the time I am writing this I am rendering episode 2). This isn’t just to archive the 30 episodes as once we have got all 30 up we will be doing this with the rest of the episodes till we catch up with the podcast itself. Once we have done that we will be putting the podcast up on YouTube (hopefully not just audio) a week after the live recording.

You can view episode 1 on episode ones story by clicking here, and will be able to do that with the other episodes as we go along. But they will be easier to find on the YouTube channel as it will have it’s own playlist. Thank you all for listening to us be professionally unprofessional for the last 8 months and hope you listen to plenty more with us getting ever closer to the first live podcast on twitch 2 weeks on Wednesday (18th March)


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