The Update for week ending 8th March 2015

Hello Fellow Cravers. GD here to bring you this weeks top 3 gaming news stories, the top 5 games and new releases of the week with the Update!

3) Episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands coming week of March 17th

The second episode of Tales from the Borderlands will debut the week of March 17, Telltale Games and Gearbox Software announced yesterday during Gearbox’s PAX East 2015 panel.

Telltale showed a trailer for the second episode, which will feature Handsome Jack, the main villain in Borderlands 2. The studio has yet to announce specific release dates for the various platforms, but said it hopes to confirm the dates soon.

2)Valve jumping into the VR race, thanks to HTC

Valve announced the Vive, the VR headset that Valve has teamed up with HTC to compete with Sony’s Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift . HTC says it will be available to consumers before the end of the year.

“We believe that virtual reality will totally transform the way that we interact with the world,” Chou said, according to The Verge. “Virtual reality will become a mainstream technology for the rest of the world. Attending real-time concerts, learning history, reliving memories.”

The Vive will pair with something called the Steam VR base station, which lets users walk around a virtual space instead of using a controller. A pair of the base stations can “track your physical location in spaces up to 15 feet by 15 feet,” HTC says.

No offense here but this sounds like what Microsoft’s Kinect was attempting to do, except you have the monitor attached to your face. A lot of people loved the idea of what they did, but one of the major problems was that average person outside of America don’t really have the room to play with something that seems to need a big, empty space to dedicate to this kind of tech.

Valve had announced last week it would showcase its VR plans at Game Developers Conference March 4-6 in San Francisco.

Jeff Gattis of HTC said the Vive will be so light “you can wear it for a long time without feeling weighed down,” and will be available with wireless controllers that enable hand tracking for playing games or manipulating virtual objects.

Be great to see how this tech works in the future, also even better that there is now more competition in an area of tech that was ahead of its time when it was first released, Virtual boy anyone?

1) Rock Band 4 is coming this Year!!!

Finally, all us wannabe rock stars, your prayers have been answered as Rock Band 4 will be released this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, longtime series developer Harmonix Music Systems has announced this week.

“When we stopped developing Rock Band 3 [in 2010], clearly the market needed a break,” Harmonix Chief Creative Officer Alex Rigopulos told IGN. “But since then we’ve been paying close attention to what our community has been saying about it. There’s been this steadily growing crescendo of fans saying, ‘Hey Harmonix, what the hell? It’s time! Why haven’t you announced a new Rock Band? We’re ready for it!’”

So time for answers to the now popping up questions from this announcement, your purchased songs from previous Rock Band iterations will transfer to the new generation of consoles, with a few notable exceptions. First, as your purchases are tied to your console account, Xbox One players will only be able to import Xbox 360 DLC, and same with PS3 to PS4. However, there will be no import fee to bring your DLC into Rock Band 4.

Another thing, due to licensing restrictions, Rock Band 3’s on-disc music will also not be available in Rock Band 4, though Harmonix have said that it’s possible that a deal could be reached in the future for this to happen. Songs from The Beatles: Rock Band will also not be making the leap to Rock Band 4.

So ready to get your plastic guitar out of the attic? Well wait a minute, as backwards compatibility with your old plastic guitars and drums are still up in the air, as both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 utilize different wireless controller communication protocols than their predecessors. Harmonix is in active discussions with Sony and Microsoft, with the hopes of getting permission to create sold-separately adapters that would plug into your console and enable your last-gen instruments to work.

“It is a challenge, but it’s something that [Sony and Microsoft are] working actively with us on,” Rigopulos explained. “I am confident that we’ll be able to find workable solutions.” Harmonix adds that they’re getting back to the “core” Rock Band experience, which means no keyboard support (though the vocal harmonies added in The Beatles: Rock Band will be).

Furthermore, Harmonix has no intention of releasing yearly sequels that, once upon a time, helped saturate and nearly destroy the music game market. In fact, they don’t plan to release any sequels. Rock Band 4, they say, will be a platform that they add to over the course of the console generation, adding new features as well as new music. In other words, you only need one game, but there will (hopefully) lots of DLC songs to keep us entertained.

“Going forward, our goal is to view [Rock Band 4] as more of a live service where we can gradually and incrementally append new functionality to the core experience rather than having $60 annual title updates,” Rigopulos said. “You shouldn’t expect a Rock Band 5 in 2016.”

Finally, it’s not a Rock Band game without the ability to get new Plastic Guitars and drums, and that is what Harmonix is doing, this time in 3 colours red, white and black. Available to Pre-order from their website in the near future. The game is marked to be coming later this year.


Dying Light from Warner Bros and Polish developer Techland is still alive and kicking at No1 for a second week. Since launch, it has managed to outperform other recent new IP from both Sony (The Order: 1886) and Take 2 (Evolve), despite already having been launched digitally a month ago. The big three of Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare occupy the next three places.  GTA V performs the best climbing to No2 ahead of FIFA 15 at No3 and leapfroging COD at No4. Released two weeks ago, Dragon Ball Xenoverse drops two places to No5, while the Minecrafts both remain in the Top10 as the Xbox Editions are up three places to No6  and the Playstation Editions remain at No10. No1 three weeks ago, The Order: 1886 falls three places to No7 ahead of this week’s only Top 20 new entry Zombie Army Trilogy, UK developer Rebellion’s updated collection of their Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army titles for Xbox One and PS4. Evolve enjoys a fourth week in the Top 10, down one place from No8 to No9.

Down 3 to No.5:        DRAGONBALL: XENOVERSE
Up 3 to No.3:               FIFA 15

Up 3 to No.2:               GRAND THEFT AUTO V
Still at No.1:                 DYING LIGHT


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PS3/PS4/PC/PSV) – Digital Only
DmC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition (XO/PS4)
Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (PC)
Far Cry 4: Valley Of The Yetis (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC) – Digital Only

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Ep. 3 (PC/PS3/PS4/360/XO) – Digital Only
Ori And The Blind Forest (XO/PC) – Digital Only

Sid Meier’s Starships (PC) – Digital Only

Atelier Shallie: Alchemists Of The Dusk Sea (PS3)
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters (PS3/PSV)
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut (PS4/PC)

We are back with the CTG podcast this Friday and another Update on Monday with the news, UK chart and new game releases of the week.


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