Team Creeper play Superfight! Part One

Hello Fellow Cravers!! Welcome to the first part of GD and Hanksy’s (known as team creeper, the minecraft type) Superfight playthrough. What is Superfight you ask? Well it’s card game where you have to pick a character from the cards you have and give them an attribute you choose from another set of cards, you then discuss who would win in a fight.

But being Team Creeper we ended up do things our way and instead used the top cards from each deck to surprise not only each other but ourselves of what is created, welcome the CTG rules!! With our Judge James’ Su1cIaAl JPANDA’ Hanks

You can get this awesome game by going to Superfights website:

Also we would have discovered this game if it wasn’t for Loot Crate where you get awesome Geek and Gamer stuff each month themed around a specific catergory, this month it is COVERT, a box full of secreats coming out on the 19th, including with a t shirt!! You sign up for Loot Crate in the link below


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