The CTG Podcast is going Live Next week

Hello Fellow Cravers!! With Episode 32 coming out tomorrow I thought I would share with you what we have planned in the next week. Now as mentioned last week we have been putting the CTG Podcast audios onto Youtube (which we are still working on as I am typing this). Well that is not all we are doing as beginning Wednesday 18th March at 9 PM GMT we are going to be streaming the CTG Podcast live on Twitch.

So what does that mean about our audio side of the podcast you may ask? Well nothing is going to be changing there as we will still be putting that out on Fridays at Midnight as we already do.  But what if you want to see the podcast but cannot make the 9pm stream time? Another ‘Do not worry’ here, as we will be putting the Stream up on Youtube on the Friday as well just at a later time. So you get both the video and audio both coming out on Fridays, with the video starting on 20th March, just no set time when it will be released yet.

So finally what is this gonna cost? Nothing, nadah, zero pounds and zero pence. In the end we are here to entertain the masses and to do that we need to be available to the masses. So where can you see this awesomeness? you can either go to any of our Twitch channels:

GDW2007 –

Doc –

Cajr –

Where all 3 of us will be hosting the stream from The CTG Podcast’s dedicated channel:

So there you go this coming Wednesday and every Wednesday after that, is The CTG Podcast LIVE!!!


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