The Crave Your Game YouTube channel schedule

Hello Fellow Cravers!! GD here to talk a bit about some of the changes happening on the YouTube channel. Now as you may have noticed we have been doing a few changes to Crave Your Game, mainly focused around the CTG podcast. Well it’s not just changes here we have been working on. On the YouTube channel we have been organizing the videos a bit better, plus putting all the CTG Podcasts on there aswell. Well it’s not just the podcast we have been focusing on, since we have been having more recurring series on the YouTube channel, we have decided it was time for a schedule for Youtube, so here is the current weekly schedule as of week beginning 16th March 2015.

Monday – CTG/ Con 3 plays…

the update

Monday will be the day our joint gameplay videos will go up, starting with Fibbage coming out this week. We have plans of GTA Heists, Cards against Humanity, Borderlands, plus more planned in the future.

Tuesday – Battle of the Cravers


Now this series has been out on YouTube for the last fortnight, but we have more to come and Tuesday will be the day we bring them to YouTube. But don’t worry as we have plans to include not just me and Doc after the first Series of challenges. Plus on Twitch Tuesdays at 7pm is also when we do the livestream of Battle of the Cravers.

Wednesday – Minecraft Tower of Bling/ Survival Plays…


Wednesday is not only the day we do the Livestream of the CTG podcast at 9pm GMT. But also it is the day when the Minecraft tower of Bling comes out, starting with January’s Tower of Fail challenge coming out this week. But we only do a minecraft challenge once every fortnight, so not only will it be tower of Bling but will also be our Minecraft survival Let’s Play when we don’t do Tower of Bling.

Thursday – Team (place team name here) Plays…


Thursday is Team play night, starting this week with the second part of Team Creeper plays Superfight!! Expect to see more of Superfight from me and Hanksy, but it’s not just me and Hanksy who will team up…

Friday – CTG Podcast/ GD Plays…

podcast banner

So with us doing the CTG Podcast Live from this Wednesday (18th March). It means that we will not just have an audio podcast that you can listen to thanks to iTunes and Podomatic. But also Friday will be the day when the Podcast uploads to YouTube. But not only will you get a podcast of Friday, you get my solo playthroughs starting will Resident Evil Revelations 2 and soon the return of Alien: Isolation.

Now don’t expect these to be our only videos as we more then likely have surprise videos in the near future. The best way to know what is coming is to subscribe to the Crave Your Game YouTube channel by clicking here


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