H1Z1 sells 1 million games in 2 months, that’s good!

Daybreak Game Company’s president John Smedley went to Twitter last night to announce that their newest property, zombie-themed online survival game H1Z1, has sold over one million copies on Steam. The milestone comes just two months after the game’s early access launch in January.

In comparison for those wanting to know. Day Z, the game that kicked off this open world zombie/ walking simulator genre of games only took 4 weeks to reach it’s million milestone. Now you would think that means H1Z1 is not doing anywhere as well, but DayZ released over a year ago, with many being a little bit more careful with not only the genre, but Early Access games itself. If anything this is great news for a game that is following in the same way DayZ is going, except only it is developing quicker.

If anything though, It’s sure to be welcome news for the team at Daybreak, which until Feb. 2 was known as Sony Online Entertainment. The developer famous for series such as Everquest and Planetside was sold off to an investment firm called Columbus Nova and almost immediately began shedding staff.

H1Z1 meanwhile has been progressing, adding features and buttoning up exploits. Smedley crowed that the team has already banned thousands of players looking to gain an unfair advantage.

As for me, I have to be looking at this with some hope as a console gamer. Development of this game getting even faster means the sooner it will be coming to Playstation 4.

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