Minecraft Playstation edition get Mass Effect Mash- Up Pack this Wednesday

One thing that many of us thought would happen when Microsoft acquired Mojang was that at least there would be a few DLCs be made unavailable to the owners of the Playstation versions. Well we may have been proven a little bit wrong here as both the Mass Effect Mash-up pack and the Pattern Texture Pack will be made avaliable to PS4, PS3 and PSVita owners this Wednesday (25th March), according to Playstation Europe’s blog today.
The Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack will be available for £3.29 and allows Minecraft players to explore the Mars Facility for Mas Effect 3, also it will allow plays to craft using the Mass Effect textures and custom designed items. It will also include a themed UI and menus, 36 new skins and 22 new music tracks that will play only when using the texture pack.


The Pattern Texture Pack will be available for £0.79, and will bring bright colours, beautiful patterns and knitted creatures to the game. Also, just like other texture packs, the pack will provide a themed UI and will be usable for new and previously created Minecraft worlds.

Now we know that these both have been out on Xbox for a while, but at least they are coming out to Playstation. Hopefully we will see more textures and skins be made available for the Playstation version (including the tux wearing Creeper) very soon.


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