Happy Wars released Prematurely on Xbox One, breaks 360 version

We in the gaming community are used to leaks of gaming information, like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided being announced and more then likely Black Ops 3 details leaked before the 28th World premiere. But it’s rare to see a game itself get prematurely released. Well this happened to Happy Wars, a free-to-play Xbox exclusive.

Happy Wars, first to come out on the Xbox 360 back in October 2012, is due to be released on the Xbox One this year. Unfortunately, due to a system glitch, the game was released on Xbox One prematurely. Because of this the Xbox 360 version has been rendered temporarily unavailable for those who have tried to play the Xbox One version.

The team behind Happy Wars, Toylogic, have asked on Facebook for players to hold off on installing or running Happy Wars on Xbox One, since it will be released sometime in the near future.

As for the 360 version, Toylogic assures that it will be restored in Happy Wars’ next update, unfortunately we don’t know when that is but they do say that they will announce when this update and the Xbox One version is going to be coming soon, also for those who have already downloaded it on Xbox One, they will be issuing directions to what to do.


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