The Update for week ending 19th April

Hello Fellow Cravers. GD is here to bring you this weeks top 3 gaming news stories, the top 5 games, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3) Star Wars Battlefront coming November 17th

Star Wars Battlefront, which hits Nov. 17 on the PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One, will focus on Rebel versus Empire firefights between up to 40 players on the ground and in an array of Star Wars vehicles, according to an AP report.

The game’s demo, which was shown off during Star Wars Celebration, included jetpacks, speeders, walkers and AT-ATs.

Locations mentioned in the story include Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Sullust. Players who rack up enough in-game points will be able to take on the role of iconic characters like Boba Fett and Darth Vader on the battlefield, according to the story.

The game will also support TIE Fighter, X-wing and Millennium Falcon dogfights.

Finally, according to the AP, the game will be getting a free downloadable level, set on Jakku, available two weeks before Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters Dec. 18.


2) 4 Play4Free games to be shut down by EA in July

Electronic Arts is ending development on four of its free-to-play Windows PC games and will soon shut them down entirely, the publisher announced.

The four games in question — Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, FIFA World and Need for Speed World — are “not as popular as they once were,” said Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of EA Studios, in a post on The Beat. Söderlund drew a contrast between those titles and Star Wars: The Old Republic, which he said “continues to have a very enthusiastic and growing player community.”

EA will continue operating the four games for the next 90 days: The shutdown will come July 14. EA is now encouraging players to spend their remaining balances of the games’ respective microtransaction currencies, and has disabled further purchases of in-game funds.

Three of the four games have been live for years. EA DICE and Easy Studios launched Battlefield Heroes in June 2009, and Battlefield Play4Free in April 2011. EA Black Box (later rebranded Quicklime Games before its closure in 2013) and EA Singapore released Need for Speed World in July 2010. However, EA Canada’s FIFA World launched worldwide less than a year ago, in May 2014.

“These were pioneering experiences, and we’re humbled that, over the years, so many of you joined us to enjoy the games and the community,” said Söderlund. “While we say farewell to these free-to-play titles in the next few months, we are always exploring new concepts and ways to bring great games to more players around the world.”

The impending closure of these four titles suggests EA is still figuring out how to take its larger games into the free-to-play space. About two and a half years ago, EA chief operating officer Peter Moore noted that the publisher was dipping its toes into the water with microtransaction-based games like The Old Republic. But regarding EA’s more traditional experiences, Moore said, “It’s going to be a while before we can say, alright, here’s a 15-gig client for free.”

1) Bloodborne beaten by someone using a Guitar controller

Everyone knows how difficult Bloodborne is, a game designedto kill you a lot. It may make you want to snap your controller in half, they’ll warn you.

Those people aren’t necessarily wrong, but Twitch streamer Benjamin “bearzly” Gwin ignores their words. He’s made a name for himself with, as he puts it, “challenge runs of Dark Souls using terrible controllers.” Last year, Gwin completed Dark Souls with a Rock Band controller, and later managed the same feat with Dark Souls 2. Last month, he even beat the game with the bongos from the GameCube title Donkey Konga.

Naturally, Bloodborne was next on Gwin’s hit list.

Gwin’s run of “Guitarborne” included the challenging boss battle you see above, the Shadow of Yharnam. The fight is made even more treacherous by the “poor movement/camera controls” afforded by the Rock Band guitar, according to Gwin.

“Choked several times on this one,” he added.

Gwin used ConsoleTuner’s Titan One USB accessory to allow him to play Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 game, with an Xbox 360 guitar controller. One example of the insanity he’s putting himself through: Moving right is mapped to the controller’s tilt feature, which triggers Star Power in Rock Band games.


Launched on Tuesday 14th April, Warner’s Mortal Kombat X reignites the 23 year old beat ‘em up franchise, debuting at No1 with the 2nd biggest launch of the year so far (behind Battlefield Hardline) and the biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat title.  The PS4 version was the big winner with a 61% share compared to 38% on Xbox One and 1% on PC.  After four weeks at the top (the longest run for any title so far this year), Battlefield Hardline is beaten down to No3 as Grand Theft Auto V is propelled back up to No2 thanks to the successful launch on Tuesday of the PC version.  FIFA 15 slips back to No4 from No2.  Sales of Bloodborne’ are only down 14%, helping it move up one place to No5, ahead of Far Cry 4 which drops two places to No6.  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare also falls two places, down to No7, while the two Minecrafts both have a solid week, as the Xbox Edition rises 2 places to No8 and the Playstation One jumps back into the Top 10, up from No14 to No9.  Dying Light manges to climb one place to No10, ensuring Warner have 2 games in the Top 10 this week.

Up 1 to No.5:                   BLOODBORNE

Down 2 to No.4:             FIFA 15

Down 2 to No.3:             BATTLEFIELD: HARDLINE

 Up 1 to No.2:                  GRAND THEFT AUTO V

New at No.1:                    MORTAL KOMBAT X



Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (XO/PS4/PC) – Digital Only
Shovel Knight (PS3/PS4/PSVita) – Digital Only


Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 (Wii U)


Dungeons 2 (PC)
Tropico 5 (PS4)
Amiibos wave five (Robin/Lucina/Charizard/Pac-Man/Wario/Ness)

YouTube videos of the week

Welcome to a new section as we look back at what went up this week on the Crave Your Game Channel.

MONDAY – CTG Plays Fibbage part 5

 TUESDAY – Tower of Bling Survival part 2

THURSDAY – Co-op Carnage – Diablo III part 1


FRIDAY – Hanksy Plays Drunk Slender: the Arrival part 2

We are back with the CTG podcast this Wednesday at , the Update will be back on Monday. So see you then Fellow Cravers!!


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