Steam announces how they are to combat Spammers and Phishers

Steam is upping the anti on it’s security with you now having to spend at least $5 in the Steam store in order to unlock all of the available features, Valve says that these new measures were to protect its customers against spamming and phishing.

The features that will not be made available for those who haven’t spent $5 are sending friend invites, voting on Greenlight, or submitting content on the Steam workshop. Also simply activating a retail game will not remove the restrictions, you will have to either add $5 to your Steam Wallet or purchase a game worth at least that amount. So for us in the UK that means you will have spend at least £3.35 as of 21st April, this price changes according to what the dollar is equal to the pound on the day. If your not sure what that is don’t worry as Steam will keep track of your currency’s equivalent amount.

This is not the first of Valve updating it security as last week they have been testing a two-factor login mobile authentication system for Steam. Steam currently only supports two-factor authentication through email with Steam Guard and Valve plans to offer a more convenient option with a new mobile authenticator. The feature provides two-factor login to Steam via the Steam iOS and Android applications.

The feature is presently only enabled for the recently updated Android app but it will roll out to iOS devices for testing once it updates soon.

Those wishing to participate in the limited beta can express their interest by joining the Steam Community group. Valve will choose a small number of beta users from the group for preliminary testing and then open up beta to everyone if the feature runs smoothly.

Valve has been stepping up security measures recently. Last week we saw the news that it is testing out a two-factor login mobile authentication system for Steam.


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