GTA V and the modding community – My Opinion

Earlier today we put up a news story about how Rockstar are not against single player mods, which maybe seen as either Rockstar trying to look as good as they can from what is a bad situation, or that the company have had the worst of luck with certain situations not working in their way. You can read about this by clicking here.

Now from someone who enjoys mods in games from changing the look of the character in Crypt of the Necrodancer, to many weird and wonderful things I did in the earlier Sims titles. I am not on either side, modding to me is a great way for making a game, if done right, last for many years, look at Skyrim for example, a game that was highly popular for a short time on consoles, compared to its popularity on the PC, the main reason why Skyrim was and still is to this day, extremely popular, because the modding community helped keep the game alive by adding new weaponry, campaigns, characters and worlds, okay so there is a lot of stupid stuff too, but there is those gems that make gamers come back for more.

Not only does modding help keep a game alive, but they also can create what may become great games themselves, games that were at the beginning mods include DOTA, Portal, Team Fortress, Counter strike and Left 4 Dead just to name a few, so I think more developers should be more open to modders, for even though you may not be making any money from what they are making, in the end they will look back at the game that they used as a starting stone to create their own great game. Plus mods can sell games if done well, all the developers need to do is allow mods to happen.

But I don’t think they should be open to modding straight away, mods make games last longer, but for a game like GTA V, which has become a huge success on both current and last gen consoles, needs time for it to make its own popularity for what the developers have done themselves since the game has only come out on PC in less than a month. Now doesn’t mean there should be no mods, in the end, one of the good things about PC gaming is that modders are great for dealing with any bug or issue in a game very quickly, but that might be for now where modding should be for the game, maybe say in a years time when the single player gets a bit stale, then there should be a bigger modding community for the single player, and just the single player.

GTA Online does not need a modding community, look at the console gamers, we still to this day create our own fun in the game, plus it’s not like Rockstar doesn’t give you any tools to create your own races, deathmatches and other game modes in GTA Online they even make it easy to distribute your creations for the public to play. Now you might be saying that, creator tools are not as in-depth as mods can be, yes I agree but then we have seen some great games made because of in-game creator tools, like in Halo for example, the in-game sport known as Griffball was created thanks to the Forge mode, also Infection was created too without the use of mods.

So that is my opinion to this whole modding community vs Rockstar, I am neither for or against modding GTA yet, there is a place for it in the single player in the future, if anything this is something I don’t like bout modding of games in the present day, remember, mods maybe great for a game, but do take some time to play the game that the developers who have spent years creating, even though the publishers may care more for the numbers that the game is delivering, the developers are the ones who put their spirit, blood, sweat, tears and time into creating the game they want you to enjoy, not to just use as a platform to play a bunch of mods. Once you have spent enough time playing the game as the developers hoped you play it, then look at mods to expand your entertainment for the game.

As for Rockstar, you may be for or against mods, but remember it is mods that made GTA 4 stay afloat, maybe look into working with the modders by making it easier in the future to add mods to the single player. If you are worried about mods accessing GTA Online, then think about separating the single player and Online into 2 cheaper, stand alone games, give gamers the option to choose to have single player available for modding, then Online will be untouched. This may be too late for those who have already brought the game, but this is something for the future, not now.

I know some of you may not agree with what I have to say, but then in the end it is an opinion and we all have our own.


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