Perception brings a new different twist to narrative horror

Today, Boston- based indie studio The Deep End Games have announced Perception, a 1st Person narrative horror adventure with a bit of a twist, coming to Steam in 2016.

You play the role of Cassie, a blind woman who uses her extraordinary sense of of hearing and razor-sharp wit to solve the mystery of the Estate at Echo Bluff, and survive the ghastly Presence that has tomented its inhabitants over generations.

Just like the current trend in horror games, you do not have an arsenal of weapons, but she does have her wits, her cane and her smart phone, to help search for clues to unravel the mystery Using echolocation as shown in the video above,but this does not mean that the deadly Presence is going to let you go so easily, as it will go to great lengths to prevent her from deciphering its secrets.


So you would be thinking that how can this game be scary when you cannot see what is coming for you, we that is what will make it scary as the only way you can see is to make a noise to create a picture of your surroundings. Placing you in a posistion to decided when is a good time to make a sound and risk the Presence finding you.


If you are found, your only hope is to run, hide and hope you are not discovered. But it doesn’t mean you are alone, as you have the ambient sounds of the house as well, such as the chimes of the Grandfather clock or when a loud pipe whistles, plus you can throw objects like alarms to create ‘sound bombs’ to distract her enemies.

Perception is being crafted by a team of veteran PC and console Developers from the now shutdown Irrational Games, who has brought us classics like the Bioshock Series and Dead Space, who have said that this game ‘ offers a bold and fresh take on first person narrative games.’


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