(UPDATE) Jackbox Party Pack 2 coming this Autumn with Fibbage 2

Jackbox Games, the team behind zany party bundle The Jackbox Party Pack this week announced plans for a sequel.

While the original five-title pack was anchored by trivia game You Don’t Know Jack, the new bundle’s central game will be Fibbage 2. If your not sure what fibbage is, players respond to an obscure trivia question with answers designed to bamboozle opponents. All the players’ fake replies, as well as the correct answer, are then presented. If a player chooses your fake answer, you win a point. To get an idea here is a video of what we have done earlier… we have a series of this game.

Fibbage 2 will also feature a streaming mode, allowing thousands of spectators to watch games and to vote on their favorite fake answers. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 will be released this autumn in the US for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Windows PC version available for most on Steam.

UPDATE: After talking to Evan Jacover, VP of Engineering at Jackbox Games on Twitter, he has said that “Our goal is to release them simultaneously (the console release for both US and UK), but it might be a little later. Should still be 2015, though.” Let’s hope so, either way expect to see us here at Crave Your Game play at least Fibbage 2 on GD’s Twitch channel. Also none of what looks like 4 other hidden games have been announced yet, but I have been told to keep an eye on @jackboxgames and twitch.tv/jackboxgames for these reveals.


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