The Update for week ending 31st August 2015

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD and I am here with this weeks top 3 gaming news stories, the top 5 games, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3) Final Fantasy 15 is going to get a release date in March

Final Fantasy 15 will be released sometime in 2016, game director Hajime Tabata confirmed during a panel at PAX Prime in Seattle. Tabata said he wanted to clarify that release window to fans after making slightly vague comments about Final Fantasy 15’s release date at Gamescom earlier this month.

Tabata didn’t give any specific date or time in 2016, but announced that Square Enix plans to hold a “special event” in March 2016 where the game’s release date will be officially revealed (so early 2016 is out of the question).

The director also offered a progress report on gameplay systems and features coming to Final Fantasy 15, which ranged from the game’s various cameras to AI behavior, monsters, combat and user interface. Those features were reportedly somewhere between 30 percent and 80 percent complete.

Tabata also provided an update on the game’s driving mode, in which players will explore the vastness of Lucis in the car known as the Regalia. Players will have the option to drive the Regalia or simply kick back and enjoy the ride as a passenger. A scenic view will give players the opportunity to enjoy the roadside scenery, and players can get out of the car at any point in their ride to explore their surroundings on foot. Tabata warned that the Regalia can run out of gas, at which point players will have to get out and push it to the nearest filling station (or call in some help).

Final Fantasy 15 is bound for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix is working on a simultaneous global release for the role-playing game.

2) Minecraft: Story Mode brings a first to a Telltale game, you get to pick a character

Telltale Games’ episodic adventure based on Mojang’s Minecraft will let players choose their own version of the game’s playable character, Jesse, from a variety of male and female options. The option to do so in Minecraft: Story Mode is something of a first for Telltale, which typically has players assume the role of a pre-determined character.

You have a choice between 3 male Jesses, played by Patton Oswalt, and 3 female Jesses, played by Catherine Taber. The game’s voice cast also includes Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West and Paul Reubens.

Minecraft: Story Mode’s first episode will debut this autumn. The game is coming to Android, iOS, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U (yes a minecraft is coming to Nintendo), Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

1) Borderlands Movie is being made by Lionsgate Films

Lionsgate Films will partner with Gearbox Software to bring the world of Borderlands to the big screen, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Creative work on adapting the irreverent first-person shooter series — which, along with its spinoffs, is set among the struggle for resources, treasure and power on the frontier planet of Pandora — will be overseen by Avi Arad, former chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment and producer of X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man (so some good films).

“We believe that we’ve brought together the right partners, the ideal creative team and the perfect property to launch a new motion picture tentpole for a global audience,” Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

There’s not much more info out there on the adaptation at the moment, but Lionsgate says it’s developing the Borderlands movie as a “tentpole feature film,” so presumably not an intimate little flick about the existential stress of being a Hyperion employee in a mindless desk job.


After the drought of summer gaming the new releases begin to arrive and sees the start of a busy release calendar right up until early December. Kicking us off this week we have 5 new releases within the Top 10 and 4 of those arrive at the top of the chart. New at No1 is Microsoft’s Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – this is the original 2006 Xbox 360 Gears of War remastered and a first outing on Xbox One, also including access to the Gears of War 4 beta in 2016. Debuting at No2 is Sony’s survival horror Until Dawn for PS4 by Supermassive, a UK indie that has specialised in Sony platforms. Debuting at No3 is Disney’s Disney Infinity 3.0, the first of 3 hybrid toy franchises due over the next few weeks. EA debut at No4 with Madden NFL 16 and last week’s No1, Warner’s LEGO Jurassic World drops to No5. The 5th new release of the week is Bethesda’s PS4/Xbox One Dishonored: Definitive Edition which debuts at No7, in advance of a full Dishonored 2 update, scheduled for some time in 2016.

Down 4 to No.5:       LEGO JURASSIC WORLD

New at No.4:             MADDEN NFL 16

New at No.3:             DISNEY INFINITY 3.0

New at No.2:             UNTIL DAWN

New at No.1:             GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC)
Mad Max (XO/PS4/PC)
Armello (PS4/PC) – Digital Only


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PSV)
LBX: Little Battlers eXperience (3DS)
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere Of Influence (PS4)
Rugby World Cup 2015 (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC/PSV)
Broken Sword 5 (XO/PS4) – DIgital Only


YouTube videos of the week

Welcome as we look back at what went up this week on the Crave Your Game Channel.

CTG Plays Cards Against Humanity Part 6

GD Has Got Lost!!!

CTG Plays Minecraft Greek Mythology Part 2

Post Podcast Party – Fibbage (12/8)

The CTG Podcast Live! Episode 56

We are back with the CTG Podcast this Wednesday with the CTG Podcast. You can catch this podcast at ,  also want to say happy 4th Anniversary to Crave The Game, we have game nights planned for most of this week which you can find at (18+), also Happy Birthday to Martin AKA, Mysteryman for this Friday. We return next Monday with the Update.


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