The Update for week ending 12th October 2015

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD and I am here with this weeks top 3 gaming news stories, the top 5 games, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3)Destiny nerfing the shotgun in a dramatic way

Destiny’s upcoming 2.0.1 update will further reduce the effectiveness in the Crucible of some of the game’s most desirable shotguns, developer Bungie announced this week.

When Bungie updated Destiny to version 2.0 a month ago, prior to launching , the studio made a massive amount of weapon balance changes that included attempts to make shotguns weaker at long range. Bungie primarily tackled this issue by nerfing two shotgun perks, Rangefinder (aiming increases range) and Shot Package (aiming reduces the spread of weapon projectiles). As you can imagine, a shotgun with both of those perks would be very deadly, indeed.

Destiny players have since provided “unanimous” feedback saying that those changes didn’t go far enough, according to Jon Weisnewski, senior designer at Bungie.

“The prevalence of Shot Package on almost every long-range Shotgun has effectively redefined the close-quarters combat experience,” Weisnewski continued. “Going forward, we’ll continue to dial in Shotgun range.”

Bungie is essentially admitting that the Shot Package perk is so powerful that it’s broken, and in update 2.0.1, the studio will be taking an extreme step: removing the perk from every shotgun in Destiny. Depending on the weapon, Shot Package will be replaced with Close and/or Personal, Crowd Control, or Knee Pads. Weisnewski noted that in Bungie’s playtesting so far, this change hasn’t caused any problems in Destiny’s player-versus-environment component.

This isn’t a permanent change; Weisnewski referred to the decision as putting Shot Package on a “time-out.” The studio plans to “recalibrate the effective range and research a way to hopefully reintroduce the perk after some time at the work bench.”

2)Tales from the Borderlands season finale coming 20th October, 1st episode now free

Telltale Games is now giving away the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, the episodic adventure based on Gearbox Software’s sci-fi shooter series. Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 1: Zer0 Sum is now available for free on Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In the above trailer, Telltale also teases the series’ season finale chapter, The Vault of the Traveler. The fifth and final episode is coming on Oct. 20 for Mac, PS3, PS4 and Windows PC; Oct. 21 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One; and Oct. 22 for Android and iOS devices.

1) Phill Spencer points out the obvious saying that the PS4 ‘have a huge lead’.

Last week Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke candidly about the competitive landscape of this console generation, admitting that the Xbox One might not be able to beat PlayStation 4 in sheer sales volume. Instead, he says he and his team remain focused on building their customer base.

Spencer took the stage at the GeekWire 2015 summit for a one-on-one interview with GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop, who pulled no punches when he opened the interview by reaching all the way back to the rocky launch of the Xbox One at E3 in 2013.

“You were skewered by some of your most loyal customers,” Bishop said. “They came after you for limiting the ability to play used games… for the always-online features. You reversed course.

“This was the environment that you came into as you came into being head of Xbox? Have you recovered from those early missteps, and what have you learned?”

It took Spencer a while to ease into the question, but eventually he began to share some intimate details of what it’s been like for him over the last 18 months to steer the ship at Xbox.

“Sony’s having incredible success with PlayStation 4, and they’ve earned that,” Spencer said. “But for me as a leader of my team, and as someone who is interacting with the Xbox community, I can have more impact focusing on the product now. … You’ll hear me talk a lot less about the competition. And people will say, ‘Well you’re losing, so of course you’re not going to bring that up.’

“I think — and maybe we’ll test it some day — If I’m winning, maybe I’ll stay in the same swim lane. It is really about the product that we have, the features that we add and how we treat the customers of our box. Share is important, but more than share is are we gaining new customers, are they happy, are they buying games, are they using Xbox live, are they engaged in the service?

Bishop, however, was persistent. He came right out and asked it: “Can you beat Sony this generation?”

“I don’t know,” Spencer said. “They have a huge lead, and they have a good product.”

For Spencer, his tenure has been just as much about putting the Xbox brand back together after 2013’s disastrous start as it has been about putting the team itself back together.

“One thing that probably I didn’t realize as much as I should when I started in this role,” Spencer said, “was the impact that the launch had on our team here in Redmond — the Xbox team.

“”They have a huge lead, and they have a good product.””

“It’s easy to read the blogs and the sites and my Twitter feed and see what people — the customers — think of our brand and our product, but the team in Redmond took as much of a hit as the external community did around our launch. And I sit back and I think about an org of thousands of people, you’re down in the organization and some words and some actions from some executives just trash all the work that you’ve done over the last three years. Many weekends and nights. And you start to question, well why am I doing this? Why am I working so hard, when a few crass comments can actually position our product more directly than any work that the team has done.

“I’m talking about our own words and things that we said. Regaining the team was job number one when I started. And being very forthright with them about where we were and our ability to do things like beat Sony was critical.”

He pointed to the addition of backwards compatibility, announced at this year’s E3 conference to huge applause, as a big step in the right direction and a clear point of differentiation between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It all stems, Spencer said, from the renewed enthusiasm of the Xbox team.

“Every time I sit down and do a product review, the team comes in with surprise and delight around the momentum that they have more than I’m able to have. And when I see that transformation of a team that’s questioning the leadership of the organization to a team that’s motivated by the customers that we have and their ability to delight them, I see a team that’s making amazing progress.”


FIFA 16 scores a hat-trick at No1 this week as its unbroken reign at the top of the chart continues. It’s now halfway to matching its predecessor’s six week unbroken run at the top in 2014. New entry Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has to settle for second place despite becoming the 8th biggest PS4 launch of the year so far. It also misses out on joining the recent trend for re-mastered/re-released titles to debut at No1 (such as Destiny: The Taken King, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Rare Replay). Destiny: The Taken King in fact manages to climb one place to No3, ahead of Lego Dimensions which slips two places to No4 in its second week of release. Forza Motorsport 6 stalls, stuck at No5 for a second week, while Grand Theft Auto V speeds back up the chart to from No9 to No6 – its highest position for 6 weeks. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain both drop one place to No’s 7 and 8 respectively. NBA 2K16 remains in the Top 10, falling to No9, after launching strongly last week at No3. Released on Tuesday, Rock Band 4 developed by Harmoix and published by Mad Catz, brings the music controller style video game back to the Top 10, debuting at No10. The only other new entry to make the Top 40 this week is Activision Blizzard’s ‘Transformers Devastation’ at No21.

Still at No.5:              FORZA MOTORSPORT 6

Down 2 to No.4:     LEGO DIMENSIONS

Up 1 to No.3:            DESTINY: THE TAKEN KING


Still at No.1:              FIFA 16



Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1 (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC) – Digital Only
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut (PC) – Digital Only
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (PC) – Digital Only
The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (PS4)


Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4)
WRC 5 (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC/PSV)
Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe And The Blight Below (PS4)
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut (XO/PS4)
Tales Of Zestiria (PS3/PS4)
Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden (3DS)
The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel (PS3/PSV)
Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library And The Monster Seal (PSV)
Superbeat Xonic (PSV)
Back To The Future: The Game – 30th Anniversary Edition (360/XO/PS4)

YouTube videos of the week

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The CTG Podcast Live! Episode 62

We are back with the CTG Podcast this Wednesday on We return next Monday with the Update.


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