The Update week ending 29th November 2015

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD and I am here with this weeks top 3 gaming news stories, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update! Unfortunatly we have not been sent the top 5 list yet but we will update it as soon as we can.


3)PlayStation 4 passes 30 million milestone

Sony has sold more than 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles as of Nov. 22, the company announced in a press release today, citing internal sales estimates.

According to Sony, the PS4 “continues to demonstrate the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history.”

The PS4 launched on Nov. 15, 2013, meaning the system reached its latest sales milestone in two years and one week. That would put the PS4 ahead of Sony’s own PlayStation 2, the company’s best-selling console, in terms of sales at the same point in its market availability.

In March, Sony officially announced that PS4 sales had reached 20.2 million units.

2)Rocket League goes Icy this December

Cars-meets-soccer hit Rocket League is getting new items and play modes in December, according to developer Psyonix.

The Rocket League “Winter Games” will launch on Dec. 14, offering seasonal themed extras such as a “Snow Day” mode which takes its inspiration from ice hockey, offering a slippery playing surface and a large, flat puck. “Snow Day” will replace the current “Mutator Mashup” mode.

Players will also be able to unlock Holiday-themed garage items which will stay unlockable through to Jan. 4 and keep-able thereafter. These include vehicle toppers for Blitzen, Santa, candy cane and a Christmas tree. They can be unlocked just by playing Rocket League, win or lose.

Rocket League’s winter event will be available for free on PC and PlayStation 4 for anyone with the base game.

1) Sony is working on bring PS2 games to PS4

According to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios and frequent PlayStation spokesperson, work on an “official application” for Remote Play support on PC and Mac is underway.

Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac. 😀
— Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) November 27, 2015

This follows the summer release of Windows 10, which included a feature to stream Xbox One games to the new Microsoft operating system. Remote Play is currently supported via the PlayStation Vita handheld and the PlayStation TV micro-console, so the addition of both PC (meaning Windows, presumably) and Mac OS support would greatly extend the utility of the feature.

As pointed out by Kotaku earlier this week, an unofficial application called Remote Play PC is in development and available as an alpha release now for £6.50 (about $10). “I’d like to work on this project full time, adding features, getting it stable and porting it to other platforms which I know a lot of you want,” the developer wrote on his blog. “The only way to support this is to charge for the app, all my previous projects have been free and I don’t want to have to but sadly it’s the only way to support my living costs.”

The release of this unofficial app ostensibly prompted inquiries of Yoshida and, in turn, his response and low-key reveal of official PC/Mac support for Remote Play. Yoshida didn’t provide any details, for example, as to whether or not the streaming is limited to your in-home network, if the feature would work over the internet or when this application is expected to be released.



Rainbow Six Siege (XO/PS4/PC)
Just Cause 3 (XO/PS4/PC)
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (XO/PS4) – Digital Only


Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (3DS)

YouTube videos of the week

Welcome as we look back at what went up this week

The Cravers Part 3

CTG Plays PvZ: Garden Warfare Part 3

Billy Plays Silent Hill 2 Part 5

GD & Cajr Play Keep Talking Part 2

The CTG Podcast Live! Episode 69

Don’t forget that we have the podcast this Wednesday. We return next Monday with the Update.


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