The Update week ending 22nd February 2016

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD and and we are back with the top 3 gaming news stories of the week, Top 5, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3)Zero Escape series becomes a reality in Los Angeles

Aksys Games is launching an interactive, real-life escape room based off its Zero Escape series later this spring in the US. Fans of the puzzle-based visual novels can visit Los Angeles’ Real Zero Escape: Trust on Trial starting in April.

The escape room opens on April 15 and will be based in the Little Tokyo area of the city. The duration of a full round of the game, as well as how many players can participate at once, are to be determined.

Though the poster for Trust on Trial features the character Clover, who’s featured in both and Virtue’s Last Reward, Aksys hasn’t announced how the escape room will relate to the franchise. An FAQ on the event page mentions that Trust on Trial players won’t have to be familiar with the series in order to participate, however.

For completing the game within the set time limit, visitors will be rewarded solely with a sense of accomplishment, Akysys added. The company also explained that, even if players aren’t able to successfully escape from the room, they’ll still be allowed to leave. “Keeping you in the room against your will is breaking the law,” it said.

The Zero Escape series’ next installment is Zero Time Dilemma, which will launch on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita sometime this year. Not much is known about how the game will wrap up the series’ storyline yet, either.

2)Dark Souls coming to backwards complatiblity on Xbox One

Dark Souls is the next game to become backward compatible with the Xbox One, according to the Xbox Store. Not only will Xbox players be able to play the first entry in FromSoftware’s grueling series on their current consoles, but the game will come free with pre-orders for Xbox One.

A current promotion adds a code for Xbox 360’s Dark Souls with all digital Dark Souls 3 purchases, according to the Xbox Store’s listing for the upcoming game. After pre-ordering the standard or deluxe editions of Dark Souls 3, the first Dark Souls will be sent to buyers within 7-10 days.

When owners of Dark Souls on Xbox 360 can play their original copies of the game on Xbox One is not yet known. This is currently the only way to play the 360 game on this generation’s hardware.

Microsoft is rolling out backward compatibility updates for Xbox 360 releases on a per game basis, the company announced last month. It’s possible that Dark Souls will become widely available to Xbox One owners once the pre-order codes are sent out to buyers.

The Australian Xbox Store first leaked the promotion yesterday before it was eventually pulled down. Further new details coming out of the leak and subsequent reveal of the offer include those regarding Dark Souls 3’s season pass. Included alongside the Dark Souls code in the $84.99 deluxe edition set is access to the forthcoming downloadable expansions for Dark Souls 3. There will be two packs containing added maps, enemies and weapons, as stated on the store listing.

No release date has been announced for the season pass, which is expected post-launch. Dark Souls 3 will arrive on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One April 12.

1)HTC Vive will be $799, will start shipping March

The price for the HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset collaboration between HTC and Valve, leaked this morning in advance of its expected announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device will be $799.

The HTC Vive ships with two controllers, one for each hand, and two base stations to track the user’s movement in the room. The package will be bundled with two games, Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption.

Preorders for the HTC Vive begin on Feb. 29, with the first shipments arriving in April.

The Oculus Rift will begin shipping units at the end of March, after going on pre-order sale in early January. That unit costs $599.


Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III takes an 11th week at No1 since launch, with 6 of the first 7 weeks of this year (Lego Marvel Avengers was No1 in week 4). No other Call of Duty title has claimed this many No1’s on the UK Chart, previous record being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009 with 9 No1’s (although all 9 were consecutive). The all-time record remains Who Wants to be a Millionaire with 18 weeks All Format No1’s back in 2000 & 2001 (published back then by Eidos). Debuting at No2 is a first Gen 8 outing for a game series that has been around since the late 80’s: Capcom’s Street Fighter V launches on PS4 and PC. The previous version of this series Street Fighter IV debuted back in 2009 on 360/PS3/PC and remains the benchmark in terms of week 1 sell-through. EA remain at No3 with FIFA 16 and sales for this title (and many others) are up markedly over half term week. The only other new entry this week also makes the Top 10 and that is Nintendo’s 3DS Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon at No9.

Down 1 to No.5:                          GRAND THEFT AUTO V

Down 2 to No.4:                         LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS

Still at No.3:                                 FIFA 16

New at No.2:                               STREET FIGHTER V

Still at No.1:                                 CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III



Far Cry Primal (XO/PS4)
The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode One (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC) – Digital Only
Hitman Go: Definitive Edition (PS4/PSV) – Digital Only
The Ship: Remasted (PC) – Digital Only


Disgaea PC (PC) – Digital Only
The Flame In The Flood (XO/PC) – Digital Only
Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien (PS4) – Digital Only


Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (XO/PS4/PC)
Superhot (PC) – Digital Only


Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS)
Toki Tori 2+ (PS4/PC)
The Town Of Light (PC) – Digital Only

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