The Update for week ending 27th March 2016

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD and and we are back with the top 3 gaming news stories of the week, Top 5, new releases and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3)Rock Band 4 PC offering all it song libary – for $2,500

Rock Band 4 supports almost all the downloadable songs Harmonix has released for the Rock Band franchise, but the game’s Windows PC version — if its crowdfunding campaign is successful — will require players to start anew with their DLC libraries. So the studio is offering a special discount to anyone who wants to buy in bulk: Harmonix introduced a new tier to Rock Band 4 PC’s Fig campaign this week, offering backers a single purchase of the entire Rock Band DLC library for $2,500.

The reward tier “includes every single song still available in the Rock Band store when Rock Band 4 for PC launches,” said Harmonix — an expected total of more than 2,000 tracks. (The exact number may fluctuate as music licenses expire and Harmonix has to stop selling certain songs.) While $2,500 is a lot of money to spend at once, the price does represent a significant discount over buying the tracks individually: Each song costs $1.99 on its own.

That includes all the Rock Band DLC tracks Harmonix has published since the debut of the original on Nov. 20, 2007, all the way up to the PC version’s planned release this fall. Harmonix has maintained a roughly weekly schedule of releasing new songs since the arrival of Rock Band 4 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last October.

As for offering this deal in the console versions of Rock Band 4, Harmonix said it is “looking into it.”

Harmonix’s crowdfunding campaign on Fig for the PC version of Rock Band 4 has pulled in $553,019 as of this Update — just under one-third of its $1.5 million goal. There are less than 7 and a half days remaining in the 35-day funding drive.

2)That Dragon, Cancer Dev says Let’s Plays the cause of game not turning a Profit

Numinous Games has “not yet seen a single dollar from sales” of That Dragon, Cancer , designer Ryan Green said on the game’s blog. Fan-made Let’s Play videos featuring the game stand as a major reason for why that is, according to Green, who goes in-depth on the effects of the genre on That Dragon, Cancer’s profitability.

In a post entitled “On Let’s Plays,” Green addressed content creators who have taken to sharing That Dragon, Cancer playthroughs and videos on YouTube. That’s a practice which, he said, allows people to experience the crowdfunded indie game without spending money on it.

“This huge effort required taking on investment,” Green said of the game’s development, “and we decided to pay off all of our debt as soon as possible. But we underestimated how many people would be satisfied with only watching the game instead of playing it themselves.”

According to Green, That Dragon, Cancer has racked up millions of views on YouTube, most of them on Let’s Play videos showing off the game in part or full. This hasn’t translated to revenue for the team behind the deeply personal project, he said, which recounts the traumatic, untimely death of the Green family’s young son.

Video creators complained that they were slapped with copyright claims after the studio added Content IDs on YouTube for composer Jon Hillman’s music. These have since been removed, Green explained.

“We did not intend to make copyright claims or to force anyone to take down their videos, we simply intended for Jon to be able to draw some income from the original soundtrack to our game that he poured his heart into,” he said.

Green expressed his hope that Let’s Play creators continue to share their experiences with the game, but doing so in ways that don’t just rebroadcast the gameplay. That Dragon, Cancer is about more than turning a profit for the developer — as evidenced by funding partner Razer donating its profits to charity and a recent, stirring talk at Game Developers Conference — but in order to broaden the game’s scope and audience, he said, they’ll need financial support from players.

1)Leaked NX controller turns out to be fake

Last week, gamers thought they got their first look at Nintendo’s next console, codenamed NX. An odd-looking device — an oval-shaped controller with an unconventional, non-rectangular screen on its face — was circulated as a prototype controller for Nintendo’s new system.

It originated as a post on Reddit from a new member of the site. A user named “Idriss2Dev” posted a slightly blurry photo of the device, which sat next to a Post-It note that read “You will say wow!” — a quote from the late Satoru Iwata, when he teased the reveal of the Wii in 2005. The pictured device looked remarkably similar to a patent filed by Nintendo in 2015.

The poster offered a few supposed details on the device, saying it featured “haptic buttons” and shoulder buttons that function like scrolling mousewheels.

Idriss2Dev’s photo was picked up by a few news websites and quickly hit message board NeoGAF. Posters there immediately decried it an obvious fake, but others believed it to be legitimate. They analyzed it pixel-by-pixel, looking for evidence — and, for some, hope — that someone was pulling their leg. The device looked uncomfortable, they said, and, even worse, did away with the physical buttons of console video game controllers.

“Please be fake,” one poster wrote.

A few days later, more photos emerged, this time from a different Reddit user. The new photos were clearer, and closely matched the previous leak. Doubters quickly turned into believers. More news outlets published the second batch of photos, seemingly swayed that the Nintendo NX had been revealed.

Many were still dubious, but had resigned themselves to the fact that, yes, this was a Nintendo creation.

A NeoGAF thread on the NX leak amassed more than 10,000 posts and 1 million views. Message board posters there started dissecting the second set of images, studying it for clues. The keyboard on a nearby MacBook appeared to be Swedish, they noticed, and paired with the reflection of a tree in a computer monitor led some to believe the photo originated from The Division developer Massive Entertainment. Internet message board forensics resulted in wild speculation.

The keyboard turned out to be Finnish. The man who took the photo wasn’t a game developer at all. He works at a manufacturing shop that specializes in laser cutting and engraving. The second, more elaborate fake was the work of a 3D printer and a simple computer model. The original fake came from someone with a history of making video game console mock ups. Both just wanted to have some fun and lightly torture video game fans for a while.

The original fake was created by David Im. In a YouTube video posted earlier this week, he revealed that his creation was a hoax. He built a simple 3D model and inserted it into a photo using Adobe Photoshop.

After revealing his hoax, Im posted the 3D mockups of his Nintendo NX controller to his DeviantArt account.

Im responded to Polygon, saying that he was inspired by Nintendo’s patent drawings when creating his 3D mockups. He blacked out part of his image and put virtual “tape” on part of his digital mockup in an attempt to convince others that the leak was authentic.

“I must confess that it amazed me,” Im said. But he didn’t know who the second hoaxer was. He tried to contact the other prankster — who posted under the name “perkele37” — about his work but received no reply. Im said he was also planning to create a 3D print of his mockup, but someone else beat him to it.

That person was Frank Sandqvist, co-founder of CNC Design in Finland. His NX creation was built in Autodesk’s 3D modeling tool Fusion 360 and 3D-printed in black resin and acrylic. Sandqvist revealed his role in the hoax, also in a YouTube video that showed how he created the physical version of fake NX controller.

In his “making of” video, Sandqvist says he modeled his 3D-printed model after Im’s, even putting tape over what was supposed to be a hidden sensor to match the original fake. Amusingly, some aspects of Sandqvist’s version that were deemed as obvious red flags by the gaming community — like the “confidential property” sticker — were lifted from photos of actual Nintendo development kits.

“I thought it would be funny to see how easy it would be to recreate that Photoshopped leak in real life,” Sandqvist explained. “Turns out it’s pretty easy.”

Like Im, Sandqvist said he felt a little bad for tricking people.

“I’m sorry if I got some people’s hopes up,” he said, “but it seems most people were against this kind of design so maybe it’s just a relief that it’s fake…

“Turns out this design is very uncomfortable after all.”

Im and Sandqvist’s fakes were for some a fun thought exercise, or at least the fodder for some good Photoshop jokes.

Nintendo plans to officially unveil NX sometime this year.


It’s a third week at No1 for Tom Clancy’s The Division in this week’s Chart. It’s a feat not managed by a Ubisoft title since the launch of Watch Dogs in May 2014. Last week’s debutant EA Sports UFC 2 remains at No2 while a resurgent Far Cry Primal rides retailer promotions up two places to No3. Several familiar faces benefit from Easter weekend promotions this week but it’s outside the Top 10 that the debutants make their mark. Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors: Legends is the highest new entry landing for 3DS at No13 while another Ubisoft title in the form of Trackmania Turbo also arrives for PS4 and Xbox One at No21.

Down 1 to No.5:                         CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III

Up 2 to No.4:                               FIFA 16

Up 2 to No.3:                               FAR CRY PRIMAL

Still at No.2:                                 EA SPORTS UFC 2

Still at No.1:                                 TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION



ADR1FT (PC) – Digital Only


The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2 (360/PS3/XO/PS4/PC) – Digital Only


Hyper Light Drifter (PC) – Digital Only
Miitomo (iOS/Android) – Digital Only


MXGP2: The Official Motocross Videogame (XO/PS4/PC)
Nights Of Azure (PS4)
Trillion: God Of Destruction (PSV)

YouTube videos of the week

Welcome as we look back at what went up this week

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