The Update for week ending 7th May 2017

Hello Fellow Cravers. I am GD, we are back after a 2 week break with the top 3 gaming news stories of the last week, we have Top 5 games of the week, new releases for the next week and a recap of YouTube of the week with the Update!


3)E3 to hold E3 Coliseum

The first E3 to be officially open to the public will also feature a series of panels and talks from game makers and celebrities from the entertainment industry, the Entertainment Software Association announced last week.

Known as the E3 Coliseum, the event will run for the first two days of E3, June 13-14. It will take place onstage at The Novo, a theater at L.A. Live, and will be hosted by The Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley. (For the past two years, Keighley has hosted YouTube Live at E3, a lengthy livestream on the Monday of E3 week. It’s unclear if that show is returning this year, and there’s no word on whether Keighley is participating if it is happening again.)

The E3 coliseum will feature presentations from game developers meant to “take E3 attendees behind the scenes of E3’s biggest new announcements,” said the ESA, the organization that runs E3, in a news release. Numerous game publishers will host panels at the E3 Coliseum, including Activision, Bethesda Softworks, Gearbox Publishing, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Xbox.

In addition to those sessions from members of the game industry, the E3 Coliseum will hold panels with “celebrated talent from the film, TV, music and other entertainment industries,” according to the ESA. Those individuals will “speak about the cultural significance of gaming and how this incredible medium has influenced their work,” said Keighley in a Medium post about the E3 Coliseum.

2) New Poke Merch seems to drop a hint to Pokémon Stars?

The Japanese Pokémon Center is adding a new line of merchandise inspired by Cosmog, one of the starring legendary monsters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The “Look Upon the Stars” collection is a perfect fit for the starry-eyed Pokémon — but many fans also see it as an obvious nod toward the rumored Pokémon Stars, the 3DS games’ follow-up.

Pokémon Stars first entered the rumourmill in November, right around Sun and Moon’s launch. Eurogamer reported that a director’s cut version of the 3DS games by that name would be heading to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. We have neither seen nor heard anything more about the rumored project since then, but fans are taking the series of Pokémon items inspired by the stars (get it?) as a telltale sign.

Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips helped lead the skeptical charge, lifting an eyebrow at the seemingly innocuous merch. The tweets filled with thinking-face emoji haven’t stopped since, even if not everyone is so convinced that Pokémon Stars on Switch is a surefire bet.

All of that speculation aside, the “Look Upon the Stars” line is pretty cute. Out later this month, it includes a plush Cosmog, as well as a bag inspired by Pokémon Sun and Moon hero Lillie, who owns a Cosmog named Nebby — so now Pokémon fans and Lillie cosplayers can try to get their own Nebby to stay inside of the bag.

1)The NES Classic is being discontinued

We don’t talk a lot about Speedrunning here in Crave Your Game, but we couldn’t ignore that Super Mario 64’s toughest speedrunning world record has been broken. Cheese05, a beloved member of the speedrunning community, managed to be the first in the world to collect all 120 stars in the game in under 100 minutes — a time that many previously thought was impossible. live video from cheese05 on

Early in the morning on May 5, Cheese played through the classic Nintendo 64 game live on Twitch, which you can see above. The world of Super Mario 64 speedrunning in particular is fiercely competitive, due to how much these playthroughs are based on memorization and extreme precision. This is especially true of the complete 120-star run, which may be the most difficult version of a Super Mario 64 speedrun to do. It requires that players collect every possible star in the game, and doing all of that in less than one hour, 40 minutes seemed unthinkable.

It’s gotten harder to find optimizations and tricks to cut down the runtime for Super Mario 64, making sub-100 minutes the new barrier for speedrunners.

Cheese proved otherwise. His completion time? One hour, 39 minutes, 57 seconds (That’s 49.975 seconds per star). He blew away the newest world record-holder, Batora324 — who tied with Cheese05’s previous record of one hour, 40 minutes, five seconds — with just an eight-second difference in between their runs. (In speedrunning, even eight seconds is huge.) It’s especially impressive, considering that Batora broke into the top spot just one day before Cheese’s record-setting run.

Batora seems to have no hard feelings, though:


The best part of this run is the end. Cheese is understandably overcome with emotion for breaking the world record, which he’s come close to many times before, only to flub it with a tiny mistake. But when his grandma even gets in on the celebration, that’s when it becomes clear: This is a speedrun that ranks high among the most memorable in the genre.

Congrats Cheese!!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pips Bethesda’s Prey to the post to hold on to the the No.1 slot for a second week.

Up 1 to No.5:                     LEGO WORLDS

Up 4 to No.4:                     CALL OF DUTY:INFINITE WARFARE

Still at No.3:                     GRAND THEFT AUTO V

New at No.2:                     PREY

Still at No.1:                      MARIO KART 8 DELUXE



Birthdays: The Beginning (PC, PS4)
Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion (PC, Xbox One)
NBA Playgrounds (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)
LocoRoco Remastered (PS4)
Strafe (Mac, PC, PS4)
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (PS2 Classic for PS4)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS2 Classic for PS4)
Moonshot Galaxy (PSVR)
Polybius (PSVR)
Blade & Bones (PS4)
Bloons TD 5 (PS4)
Butcher (PS4, Xbox One)
Elliot Quest (PS4)
Human: Fall Flat (PS4)
Last Stitch Goodnight (PS4)
Lethal League (PS4)
Revenant Saga (PS4, PS3, Vita)


Lethal League (Xbox One)


Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Switch)
ACA NeoGeo Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Switch)
ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters ’95 (PS4)

 Demon’s Crystals (PS4, Xbox One)

YouTube videos of the week

Welcome as we look back at what went up this week

Don’t forget that we are back with the Podcast this Wednesday. The Update will be back next week with more news, uk charts and game releases.


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