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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the Galaxy Note 3, the latest ‘Phablet’ from Samsung. The device was released in the UK in October 2013 and I have had mine since day 1. Having owned the previous Note 2 and Original Note, I knew what to expect in terms of the size and adjusted immediately. The device doesn’t actually feel that large but I put that down to owning the predecessors. although the device is bigger it actually weighs a whole 14.5g lighter than the Note 2, coming in at 168g  and its luxuriously slim 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm shell. Not to mention the beautiful crystal clear 5.7″ Super AMOLED touch screen. The colours are sharp, crisp and truly eye-catching. The device at present comes in a few colours – Black, White, Gold and at some retailers, Pink. (I have the white).
Being classed as a phablet, it does everything that a phone needs to do plus much more but it also has its special features that make it feel like a tablet too! Stylus, large screen making gaming, internet browsing and social networking that much easier.
For you gadget geeks like me, I love the true customization and vast amount of apps on android. This device has recently been updated to Android’s 4.4 KitKat operating system and has the wonderful marketplace to spend hours and hours browsing apps, games and other things to tailor your device to your every need. Samsung also have their own Samsung apps, pre-installed on the phone, but in all honesty, I rarely use it, I have the marketplace, that’s enough for me. Having said that its worth checking once in a while as you can get some good bargains. Alternatively, use the amazon free app of the day. It’s free and would be rude not too!
Since the update Google have tried to make Hangouts the default messaging app, however, I love using GoSMS Pro. I also recommend BBM Messenger and Chat On.
Gone out and forgot your camera? Wondering how you will capture your photos? Have no fear, with the Note 3 13mp camera with led flash and 2mp front facing camera you have all the photographic needs to capture those moments whilst your out and about on your ventures!

The same goes for the video capabilities, I personally have never really ventured into video Capturing on my phone but this is a great feature Note 3 has full 1080p hd recording and playback as well as 4k video capture!
So how does this beast run??? Incredibly smooth and very quick, which isn’t surprising, considering its using a 2.3ghz quad core processor! Switching from screen to screen is effortless, smooth and makes using this phone quick and convenient.
Battery life I hear you say? This holds a Standard battery, Li-ion 3200mah. The day I got it I was setting it up, using it constantly and the battery lasted a couple of days. Since then the battery life has decreased slightly but I bought the official Samsung spare battery and charger so that I never have to run out of power!
Anything I don’t like about the phone? No, in all honesty, nothing that i could say I dislike, however, if you are looking for a small compact phone that will fit comfortably in your pocket this may not be the phone for you, or if, in fact, you are conscious about image then holding this to your ear may not be the phone for you!
I would recommend getting a cover though, I am pretty clumsy and the chances of me dropping my phone is pretty high, so I just rather have a bit more protection. I use a gel case that doesn’t add a great deal of thickness but covers all the necessary parts.
I just love it, it may be too large for some, and may take a little while to get used to the size of it, but I am really enjoying using this phone, the fact I can use a stylus to doodle when I’m bored or just when I feel like it,  I have standard 32gb memory and I have a 32gb lexor memory card rating 10 that I use so in total 64gb to fill up with apps, music and games to my heart’s content.
This phone is something else and I love having the best of both, to me this is part phone and part tablet and Samsung have done a great job taking modern technology to the next level. Although… I Imagine we will see a new Note in the pipeline.. only time will tell!


Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

When I was younger and starting to truly enjoy video games for what they were, pure puzzle games were extremely rare. Most of the time, if there was a puzzle it would of been some kind of mini game within an adventure game. But, thanks to the rise of both mobile gaming and downloadable arcade games, a new class of casual gamers, plus indie games having a better opportunity to show there works on both console and PC, puzzle games have started to return. So what makes Chuck’s Challenge different from other games in this genre, compared to mobile titles like angry birds and handheld titles like the Professor Layton series?

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Poker Night 2 Review



Seems like it is time for another poker Night at the Inventory, this time bringing us 4 new players to the table from the world of TV, Games and Movies. We have Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. TV series; Ash Williams from the Army of Darkness movies; Sam from Sam and Max, with Max hanging around in the background; then there is the quirky, yet annoyingly adorable, Claptrap from the Borderlands series. But don’t worry these are not the only well-known characters in this game, we have Mad Moxxi working the bar and a special dealer for this version of Poker Night, from the Portal series, GLaDOS.

The game has 2 different games you can play, Texas hold ’em and Omaha, but then it’s not the game modes that attracts people to this game but the entertaining conversations the players, GLaDOS and other supporting characters have throughout the games, my favourite being the interaction of Claptrap flirting with GLaDOS. the bad point is after so long, conversations do start to repeat themselves, but then after playing for so long you would expect something like this to happen.

The game does have a few extra good points, mainly if you have Borderlands 2. Just like the first Poker Night, you can have the opportunities to win Bounty items from your opponents, if you complete certain tasks then win a tournament, but these items are not just rewards you get for in the game, but they have some special rewards, for example, if you have the xbox 360 version (the version this review is based on), you get not only an item for your Borderlands 2 character, but a special Avatar item aswell. But then you have to complete the 3 randomly selected goals first which can range from something as easy as coming in 4th or better in a tournament, to winning a showdown with 2 or more characters. This idea would have been a bit better if there was an option to let you randomise the goals again, especially when your stuck on a certain goal.

This takes me to the Inventory coins, that can be won by playing tournaments, if you win you get 100 of them, and if you don’t but are not first to go you get 20, first to go and you get 10. These can be used to unlock new card styles, chip styles and felt styles; all based on the 5 different series each of the characters are from, Borderlands, Sam and Max, Venture Bros., Army of Darkness and Portal. If you use all 3 styles from the same series, not only does the styles of the cards, chips and table change; but so does the theme of the room your playing in. This also brings a special animation for the first player to bust out, that matches the theme of the room, for example, the borderlands room has ‘Steve’, Claptrap’s Minion, shooting the eliminated player with a rocket that produces confetti. The coins can also be used to buy drinks for the other players, this is supposed to make it easier for you to read there ‘poker faces’, but i have not noticed the difference myself.

This is a fun game to play, and it does make you feel like your just playing a game of poker with some friends. There is a few problems, like the difficult goals and the conversations sometimes repeating. But for 800 MS points, it is worth it, not only for the items you can win for your borderlands character and avatar, but for the funny animations and conversation that each character has between them, also calling you the silent player does make you feel more involved.



FIFA 13 review

So it’s that time of the year again, when we have our annual competition between the top 2 football games in the Market today, well since I personally am not a fan of the Pro evolution series, I will be looking into the changes made in this year’s version of FIFA. Now like any sport game, it’s hard to make improvements on a game that you can easily do in the real world, yet the FIFA series seems to manage to attract in the audiences every year. Be it that you can play as your favourite team, or its easier to pick up a controller and play against someone on the other side of the world, then calling your friends over, finding that football you know is hidden somewhere in your room, then noticing it raining heavily outside. But what’s stopping people from just buying one version and sticking with it, then buying it every year like a lot of us do? Well let’s see as we look at the list of things they say has improved on this year’s version.

The first touch system does improve the game slightly, but for me I feel it’s more annoying than helpful. My main role in my Pro Club is as the Any character, if you don’t know what that is; it’s the person who controls the rest of the team, who are not being controlled by other players. Now this usually means I am controlling the defence, which I am usually good at, but now, because it makes the game ‘more realistic’; it’s harder for my defence to get rid of the ball. Now don’t get me wrong, when the first touch system works, it’s beautiful in any other part of the game, but when you are controlling a bunch of idiots who can’t kick a ball straight, that’s when it’s a problem.

Now if you have never played ultimate team before, it’s a trading card game in FIFA that started 3 years ago, that can eat through your well-earned cash quite quickly in real life. Seriously Ultimate team is one of those mode which you either love or hate, I personally hate, because I don’t see the fun in paying more money for something that I had already paid £40 for. Anyway Ultimate team has Seasons now… yep, just like pro clubs, and friendly seasons, Ultimate team has been improved letting people fight it out to get to Division 1 from Division 5. I think that’s a good thing… I guess…

Any way they are the main improvements, but one thing I really loved in the improved version of FIFA, is the Catalogue and EA coins, now your levels in EA’s Football club actually means something, letting you buy improvements for your pro online or in Career, so they can get that boost of mentality they truly need. Now thinking of it another improvement in FIFA 13 is that you make a separate virtual pro for Pro Clubs and your Career. So that means you cannot improve your Virtual Pro for Pro Clubs offline, the only way you can improve him is by playing in Pro Clubs. Also a drop in mode on pro clubs is good if you just want to improve you Virtual pro if none of your teammates are online.

Also another mention, there is a new training mode on FIFA called skill games, this is the best idea I have seen this series do so far, teaching people who are new, or not that good, to how to play the game. Working on free kicks; all the way to advance shots, this mode will teach you the ins and outs of how to play this game while having fun at the same time.

In Career on player Career, all I remember from years before in in the series, when you first signed for a club you were not immediately sold to another club or even loaned out, well when my pro for Career was made, I made him join Notts County, a team close to my heart, yet it shocked me that now you can be loaned out to other clubs. Either way there is a lot of improvements in this year’s game and though the realism is annoying at times, I agree with many when they say this is the best game in the series so far… well at least till FIFA 14 comes out next year that is.



<strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><span style=”color: #000000;”><span style=”font-family: Calibri;”>OVERALL SCORE – 8/10</span></span></span></strong>